14 people is in accordance with the pin the crime of obstruction of official business was arrested

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Original title: under the MLM organization arrogant reporter Zhou, March 22nd, Dingzhou, a video letter, Hebei province people’s WeChat friends circle crazy pass.
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Women In the video, there are a few men and uniformed personnel in the conflict. Legal i love jordan nubuck men Daily reporters today from the Dingzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed that the i like air jordan shoes men content of the video is actually a number of people besieged the police station. March 22nd 8 am, more than 30 sales staff handheld devices gathered in Dingzhou city police, in an attempt to i like lebron james 2016 take a MLM organization members, and will discourage police injuries, reinforcements and later will resist the uniform. The incident happened a week ago, on March 14, Changfeng County, in the marketing process of inventory, law enforcement officers in Anhui province suffered MLM containment and beaten, resulting in staff and two i love cheap jordans wholesale policemen were injured. Reporter combing found that the marketing personnel to the law of violence, and even the organization of public security agencies in many places the incident occurred. State laws prohibit the marketing, the public security organs have also been increasing efforts to combat pyramid schemes, in this context, why should the marketing personnel so arrogant point of the armed police? Malignant cases often occur in the station on the other side of discount lebron james website the group in the network transmission of video, a group of men carrying sticks and man on one side of the side of the road rally, while greeting with a behind the people joined the team, continue to send such a cry. " This is clearly an organized and planned event of the public security organs. Dingzhou City Public Security Bureau police station south police told reporters. According to reports, in March 22nd 7 when Xu, a couple from Liaoning province to the South City police station for help, said his daughter Wang Dingzhou City, a MLM organizations lie, urge the police to help find the rescue. In accordance with the couple to provide clues, police station in the area some suspicious locations were investigated in a rental housing to find Wang, but Wang MLM poisoning too deep, refused to go home with their parents, the police had to be her
Lebron James Soldier 6 back to the police station to do this work. discount kids air jordan shoes One day 8 in the morning, Wang was more than 30 people in the organization with sticks and other means gathered to the police station, the police will need to hand over to the king, in an attempt to force the king. Police violations of these marketing personnel, marketing personnel were wounded by armed personnel. Dingzhou City Public Security Bureau subsequently mobilized police reinforcements, will be unified resistance. Dingzhou Municipal Public
Lebron James Olympic Low Top Men Security Bureau today informed that the police will be suspected of marketing personnel siege of the police station and attacked police uniforms, Liang, bell, Lu 3 people on the public management of the community to be sentenced to administrative detention for 15 days. This is not the first time in the case of Hebei, the siege of public security police. January 21, 2015, after receiving the alarm, Hebei City, Bazhou City, north of the Public Security Bureau police station for a community of illegal pyramid schemes to conduct a search. Arrived at the scene, the police have been beaten to contain, mlm. Bazhou marketing personnel assaulting incident, marketers call that within cohorts from about 100 people gathered in a short period of time from the surrounding other MLM personnel. Marketing personnel in the stone, the leaders of the pyramid selling organization ordered bricks and police and passers-by other attacks, resulting in a number of police were injured. Bazhou City Public Security Bureau sent police and police rushed to the scene, the crime of assaulting a police officer to arrest, the suspect Zhang, 14 people is in accordance with the pin the crime of obstruction of official business was arrested

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