201620162015 GMP health ministry officially announced the national essential drugs list 2012 Edition

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201620162015 GMP health ministry officially announced the national essential drugs list 2012 Edition, and announced that it would come into force on May 1st. The new version of the directory based medicine into chemical drugs and biological products, Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine three parts, among them, 317 kinds of chemical drugs and biological products, traditional Chinese medicine 203, a total of 520, compared to the 2009 edition of the expansion of more than 6. Among them, antitumor drugs, drugs for children to become i love jordan nubuck men the biggest highlight of the new Chinese medicine for exclusive varieties is wide attention. Under this node, we are planning a version of the basic medicine catalog topic, special sincere invitation of the pharmaceutical industry real marketing expert Mr. Wang Liang for interpretation of the contents of the base version of the drug, and analyze the impact on
Jordan 13 Nubuck Men enterprises and the market structure, and for the future of essential drugs system go to pre. L about the directory 1, amp; previously, new version of the directory based medicine will soon introduce the news has been rampant, and eventually the directory after eighteen settled. On the whole, what is your evaluation of the new version of the directory based medicine? Wang Liang: as an important part of the national health care reform, efforts to pro
Jordan 12 Nubuck Red Blackmote the basic drug system is very rapid. The list of essential drugs as a key element discount lebron james website in the implementation process of the previous round of basic drug system, after several rounds of repeated release time finally released. Throughout the industry are concerned about high 2012 version of basic drugs directory, and before the relevant leaders external release of about the directory in the number of products, product structure, increase the kinds of information perfectly, should be said the introduction of
http://www.yqbiomed.com/plus/view.php?aid=572217 the new version of the directory, to 2013 the pharmaceutical industry a clear signal, a new round of market reshuffle and enterprises to reshuffle is about to begin. 2, compared with the 2009 version of the
Jordan 12 Nubuck Men catalog, new i like lebron james 2016 version of the directory based medicine mainly what changes? What is the biggest change? When the mobile phone into the era of intelligent, from single core to dual can greatly enhance the speed and feel. Then, when the pharmaceutical industry to carry out the new medical reform era, especially the traditional primary market in to provincial based medicine bidding for the core distribution and academic marketing mode dominated occurred earth shaking changes, with generic drugs for the leading products of the enterprise how to deal with in order to
Jordan 11 Nubuck Men enhance the enterprise market reaction speed so as to ensure product sales, the needs of enterprise from the internal selfdiscipline to start, grasp the relationship between the products and corporate policy, market and operation mode, through rational planning to implement the three nuclear drive strategy. Of based medicine fine operation amp; generic enterprise reason face great difficulties in the new medical reform, the operation of the market, core is the basic drug system implementation changes brought about i love cheap jordans wholesale by the primary market and secondary and tertiary hospitals in the market. In the 520 basic medicine catalog issued and after the i like air jordan shoes men implementation of discount kids air jordan shoes market expansion based medicine products can be expected to allow enterprises to look forward to. However, greatly influence the full implementation of the basic drug system will use pattern on the market in the future, the enterprise product structure pattern, business pattern and terminal market, completely changed before the market. To establish the awareness of this issue, the core work of enterprises generic drugs products, supplements, catch catch catch catch m, bid

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