315 party once a year to once a year

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315 party once a year to once a year, but also to the question. with tainted glasses to see the party not in a minority of The first case of a 315 year party points to the existence of many tricky 4S shop when the vehicle repair and maintenance, some auto 4S shops will deliberately false and exaggerated vehicle breakdowns, deceive consumers, from profiteering. It is a typical ailment overhaul, overhaul not sick, can not give you change, can be repaired and ask you to change. But when the Dongfeng Nissan, Shanghai Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz 4S shop was exposed, the first reaction of many people is actually really wronged, like any other brand 4S stores do not like, to do a survey to all other brands, should also be exposed., the gun fight bird, it’s all right children, money is enough on the line a little bit Out of the Blue, people tend not to see the nature of things, but the fault and lack of things. then always blame CCTV choosers, Overgeneralization, 315 party criticized. yes, CCTV 315 may have done is not perfect, but the consumer or the party accused the spectators, in addition to outside, more should be thinking about why there is such a phenomenon, and how to avoid it better? Exposure is just one step after all, because of the lack of third party testing organization, and does not reach the designated position regulation, consumer itself is not technology experts , it is difficult to finalize their car in the end what is wrong, how much money to repair. If the final 4S stores still have to choose, 4S stores its own both referees and athletes, so even after exposure, after rectification, may soon and a stirring among the dry bones. 315 party before playing 30 advertising has attracted a lot of attention, be regarded as to pay protection money. Of course, in accordance with established on CCTV questioned the attitude, this conclusion seems to be justified, after all thirty ads in the FAW Volkswagen brand directly or indirectly by the 315 party named, others are safe, not named. Especially Tyler beauty won the special qualification, is more controversial, after all, Tyler the port group is WeChat circle of friends through the magical mask typical, 315 party embarked on a walk on CCTV’s washed road. so, the 315 recharge, recharge the CCTV did not give it to the, China Unicom Telecom mobile advertising, no wonder the exposure, CCTV, China Unicom and China Telecom on the right? Your exposure to move? And so become a classic and popular criticism. And the thing itself is not actually receive more attention. But I want to say, for itself with some netizens tainted glasses, why malware malicious, attention, if it is good and acceptable to question and ridicule of CCTV. Because after all, you are questioning CCTV biased at the same time, reflect on yourself and why not? And his own question, and why don’t you even look down the object.

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