A cry of traditional Chinese Medicine May 23 evening

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A cry of traditional Chinese Medicine May 23 evening, Beijing radio network the Bwin world do a period the mainland first influenza is traditional Chinese medicine to cure, first half of the host and the Fang Fang connection interview, has been refuted TCM expert Liu Qingquan on TCM Prevention and treatment of viral infectious disease insights. Also release relentless: dissemination of traditional Chinese medicine can effective in the prevention and treatment of the infectious diseases of virus lies to deceive the credulity of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine discount kids air jordan shoes men, Murphy to create more tragedy in China? Faced with traditional Chinese medicine of infectious diseases have the opportunity, is not want to let the Chinese medicine have
Air Jordan 11 Winter Style Men a harmful opportunity? Then, when the host is put forward, there are also other experts dealing with influenza prescription lists published, I put forward in tea therapy in April 30th three nine health network. You have said some people taking advantage of the chaos to hype themselves. amp; amp; Mr. Fang, two years ago, you the scientific fraud fighters appearance, I am your respect, you in the world launched the abolition of traditional Chinese medicine debate, and
Air Jordan 4 Winter Style Men promote the more vast Chinese medicine revitalization movement. At the same time, in 2007 i love jordan nubuck men inheriting traditional Chinese medicine forum in Chongqing Yuzhou held, I on the rostrum speech, I am still thank you, you let us once sink the Chinese medicine
Mens Air Jordan 4 Winter Style Grey Black Greensector collective reflection, it is so, also has caused the party and the country to the cause of traditional Chinese medicine attaches great importance to. Today, you hear above a words to i like air jordan shoes men me with deep hatred and resentment. amp; personally, I think you, Mr. party belongs to the descendants of the Chinese nation, the fathers of the children, the above statement from the ancestors of the blood.
http://www.theorbstore.com/Blog/lebron-james-shoes-wholesale-you-find-the-best-choice.html Chinese medicine in history is medical and medicine of the originator, earth from humans began, there is no medicine and medicine, is the ancestor of the Chinese nation, created the theory of doctors and medicine, relying on historical evolution and scientific development, later on the basis of Chinese medicine and medicine were science of grafting, produced a new medicine. Chinese medicine to the world of enlightenment is not to be ignored, is an indelible contribution to human health. The Chinese nation is a great nation, its culture and civilization history of exclusive East, please don’t put you do not understand the culture as unscientific. I see the real person is you sir, instead of traditional Chinese medicine. Because you’ve been out of touch with the origin of the Chinese nation, which with gene cloning and what is the difference between should reflect on, you discount lebron james website as a with the title of doctor degree in the United States, how to publish the ignorance fallacy? It is summer! Mr. Fang, you have been a tree fake fighter banner of the motherland traditional culture talk a lot of i love cheap jordans wholesale nonsense. At the
Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Men same time, you always emphasized that clinical trials must, otherwise it is harmful. Ask Mr. Fang: i like lebron james 2016 unexpected infectious diseases, where the clinical experiment? Study on the variation in the human speed or the virus quickly? This is precisely we need Chinese medicine because of illness and cure, like the face of SARS, traditional Chinese medicine need early intervention. Medical scholar Mr. Deng Tietao vigorously promote our treatment not only against the virus, but attention should be paid not only to Quxie and pay more attention to the nursing of patients with righteousness, and the evil have a way out. Ye Tianshi also confirmed that, or ventilation to heat, dampness or in heat, and heat is not 4

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