a martyr Qundiao towering stands. Statue

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The officers and soldiers held a signature event before the statue of the hero. (original title: search horizon sentinel frontiers love) "small standing sentinel spoondrift Island, the most…… Tidal i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes volumes, waves cover the island." Ke Yuan army poet once described the South Penghu island state. In the island of the Guangdong military a coastal defense regiment "NANPENG garrison model even soldiers for many years held, dedicated to youth buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online and blood of the island. What makes the former guard grounded South Peng, Defense Meritorious? The commissar Shi Risheng said, this army cannot do without the power of culture. These years, the Canton set Bing Zhi, storage to create sculptures and showroom, cliff and NANPENG scenic spots, the island of music and movies a strong military culture, cultivate the new era of coastal guards. Mining history, continue south Penghu Island blood hero, an island in the South China Sea, a garrison stationed sentry. At the hinterland of the island, a martyr Qundiao towering stands. Statue, surging waves, flag fluttering, Clarion urgent reminder levy, soldiers and civilians to work against the enemy bravely, when fighting scene lifelike… The highest point on the island, a "World Building" showroom narrative stories. Showroom, 103 pieces of pictures, 37 pieces of cultural relics vividly Chen army fought a bloody war to liberate South Peng histori
Kids Nike Air Max 2014 K201407cal moment, the heroic vivid… "South Peng of history." Instructor
Kids Nike Air Max Shoes Nie Linlin said NANPENG island has been British occupation, the Japanese occupation, the Kuomintang troops entrenched, October 19, 1952, NANPENG started to defend the war, nations of the floor, the walls riddled with bullets, 118 combatants heroic sacrifice. Peace for the motherland and freeze them into images in the smoke of war, turned into a coastal line of towering sculptures, become the admiration of
Kevin Durant Shoes the military spirit of the highlands. In recent years,
http://loop.frontiersin.org/people/336753/bio the even mining, collection of historical materials, built a liberation NANPENG Island sculptures to revolutionary martyrs and building a "Wan Guolou" showroom, to build for the Eastern spirit of i like air max shoes patriotism education base, organization to pay tribute to the sculptures and a visit to the museum activities, alert officers and soldiers remember history, loyalty to life in March last year, the even entered a state of combat readiness, rest and recuperation is the soldier Zhang to the Party branch submitted resolutions, insisted that return to company and his comrades fought side by side. Because of the outstanding performance, he won three. February 2016, several unidentified foreigners who came to the island, plug to patrol officers and several Yangyan, please officers and men and let them buy air max shoes online see to the barracks. The soldiers do not hesitate to rebuff: "here is not i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes a tourist resort, ask you to leave here." Over the years, the even continue to carry out to learn advanced, when pioneer, skirmish, keep the country group to the theme of the play group a series of cultural activities, through the traditional culture of poly gas plastic soul, guide a generation ago sentinel gengxu hero blood. The development of island resources, Jiangong South China Sea outpost boarded the island of South Peng, the author see, "South China Sea outpost, a strong fortress" eight stone characters standing proudly on the edge of a cliff, pier on the stick sentinel, loyalty mission echoed and, without a word Sheng said: NANPENG island has important military strategic position. Company commander Wang Jun introduced NANPENG island’s geographical location, and handed it to the author a set of postcards, Postcard cover buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online write "NANPENG ten", he familiar: loyalty to the eagle stone, Zhenhai Jinchan, flag Plaza, blue sea
Nike Air Force Ones Shoes Pavilion, South Sea Pearl… "Island cultural life poor, but rich in resources, we.

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