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Video loading. Please wait… Auto play Long March 7 rocket launch play VII rocket Long March for the first time fly forward and backward Legal Evening News (text / reporter Wen rujun) today, China’s new generation of Hainan Wenchang space launch site ignition rise space rocket Long March 7. Industry generally believe that the Chinese people’s "Moon" is a matter of
Nike Air Max 2013 Women Shoes time, and the launch of the long march seven, which means that our country is away from the moon and a step closer. So, sooner or later, in the end how late? How early? The long March 7th rocket flight, according to CCTV reported that after tonight, Wenchang, Hainan, the launch site to improve weather, meet the launch conditions. Rockets completed buy Nike Air Max 2013 Women Shoes refueling, the new non-toxic and pollution-free Liquid Oxygen kerosene fuel, more environmentally friendly. Journalist at the center to see the charges, the launch of the system has been completed before the launch of a variety of preparations. Long march seven launch rocket will be from this set of science and technology, ecology, environmental protection, humanity in one of the modern green
Womens Nike Air Max 2013 150730053 space launch site, to achieve the first flight, open its new space tour. According to CCTV’s latest reports, in June 25th, in Hainan, Wenchang space launch site ignition rocket Long March seven is the new generation of China’s load into the scheduled track success. Long march seven launch, which means that China is a step closer to the moon. What did buy Nike Air Max BW Women Shoes you do to prepare for the launch? The solution Bureau (number: guanhaijieju) reporter noted, this morning, in the region emission field of rainy weather and short-term thunderstorm accompanied by, in response to changes in the weather, emission field meteorological consultation has also increased in the PAA, meteorological observation station density increased, real time to launch the bad weather the weather system
http://trainersone.com/Blog/shoes-jordan-not-expensive-china-must-share-in-the-moment.html caused by the field and circulation situation, scientific comparison and analysis. Hainan Wenchang satellite launch field meteorological bureau engineer Xue Wen said: "basically is two hours or so, provide a prediction and data analysis of more detailed, more data intensive, 10 minutes from the original provides a data, now increased to seven minutes, provides some groups according to. Now the sky
Nike Air Max BW Women Shoes with our original forecast of the weather almost, the overall situation is good, the launch window to meet the minimum weather conditions of emissions." Hainan Wenchang satellite launch fuel gas field commander Bloomberg said: "this morning, we have started a rocket refueling. This work is in the process of. This time we used a brand new non-toxic non polluting fuel, in buy Nike Air Max Lunar Women Shoes this process, we will pay attention to the pressure, temperature changes, to ensure the smooth progress of filling work. "In addition to refueling is different, the long march seven rocket as a whole, the use of a new vertical component, vertical test, vertical transport and remote test launch control test technology. In charge of the center, the launch site of the
Nike Air Max Lunar Women Shoes communication system elements, is the latest application of the final phase of the transmission system of information transmission equipment inspection and debugging. Hainan Wenchang satellite launch, said zhe long field communication system senior engineer: "communication system using our integrated architecture, build the communication platform, for information transmission of broadband, intelligent network management and security services, as a test launch, data, voice, image, to provide a safe, reliable, real-time transmission."

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