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Today, Xiaobian see news: Kinmen and subsea tunnel Kaijian years drink water in Jinjiang, said that Kinmen from subsea tunnel in South to North Water Diversion Project to start building today. Can’t point to a link to see. In short, the two sides in the past 20 years, finally put things off, Kinmen people have drinking water, it is welcome, welcome. But
Nike Air Max 2010 Women Shoes the small brush micro-blog accidentally brushed the afternoon, such a thing: Kinmen water, we all know. Oh, and James Soong, we are all familiar with the mainland several times. Look at what he said, Kinmen: water charges, not words! Hey? Wait a minute, hearing this, users do not believe, not how Kinmen water money? You do not charge in Taiwan it? Of buy Nike Air Max 2010 Women Shoes course, there are a small series of follow-up questions, found that this is really James Soong said, the time is in January 13th of this year. According to Taiwan media reports. At that time, James Soong as a populist party as "the leaders of the Taiwan region candidates to golden gate tickets. At that time, he delivered a speech before the island
Womens Nike Air Max 2010 A10W02 of Town God’s Temple. Speaking, you mentioned the "Golden Gate", which was signed in July, 2015. James Soong waved his hand and said, if he was elected, he would say, "bottled water is also money is so objective". A round of applause." This is a little bit of money, but also concerned about the song went on to say that he can buy Nike Air Max 2011 Women Shoes be the City God’s assurance, to provide free water to the golden gate. If the mainland does not agree with it? James Soong said, this is with them endless good?" He said, before the "Golden Gate", gun water today to pay back the money, "what, this is about money, not words! James Soong can do this, dare to say. This is just
http://www.ysfish.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=76646&do=profile a kiss on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, "too much, do not know where the mouth is good. Mr. Song said, many times in Taiwan political figures, but on both sides, pro friends ask brothers out afterwards?. According to the agreement, 30 years, the golden water. In 30 years, a total of 3.26 tons of water to Kinmen, a ton of
Nike Air Max 2011 Women Shoes 9.86 yuan nt. This is a total of thirty dollars a year. In the last election, James Soong learned that Cai Yingwen has a $80 million campaign funding is also known as unfair". This time, more than 6, but it is said to be small, the user does not dry. When he mentioned the shelling of Kinmen…… don’t help create the mainland, buy Nike Air Max 2012 Women Shoes to help the local characteristics? Of course, James Soong dare to say so, but also because of his reasons. Vote in January 13th, 16 days of the 3 day. Seeing the deadline is approaching, Mr. song. Of course, do not put malicious words. In the end, James Soong voted or the bottom. The vote was just like a friend said, perhaps it
Nike Air Max 2012 Women Shoes is to know that they do not choose, James Soong dare say so. For money to tap water, money can not boast of the pie. Boast is not the money, but James Soong’s "face" of the reputation is solid. In fact, for Mr. James Soong’s figures, there are still a lot of enthusiastic users to actively recommend. For example, PO main @ Boti Dick said, between the brothers door

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