America MIT MIT gifted students and famous invention

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America MIT MIT gifted students and famous invention, you my life tomorrow may turn the world upside down Alibaba 2019 ecommerce Rhapsody Ma Canton fair speech: do not do ecommerce, five years later you will regret it. insiders said: as long as there is Taobao, a single brush. A simple truth, if both have the same goods shop, the price difference is not big, one of thousands of sales, continue to praise, sold another home only a few, only a handful of evaluation, the customer will be how to choose? I believe most customers will choose highvolume, multi shop purchase evaluation. However, in the huge volume and mass? Praise behind, exactly how much water? Ali ecological industrial chain on the brush single ant infested with a large number of. They organized, rigorous training, to understand all the loopholes Ali brush single system, sales and evaluation of this so that they can mix the spurious with the genuine brush. The brush single? Buy businesses, will eventually cost grafted on to the consumer, this is perhaps the reason Taobao fakes flooding system. profiteering? Compared with the previous survey, brush single company is not difficult. Whether through Baidu search, classified information platform and even Ali Wangwang, to find a single brush company are very simple. Most of the current brush single? Companies are relying on the Internet chat tool contact, brush single don’t know the actual management of the company and of course, most of the brush single and have no interest in. according to the insiders, to brush single organizations need to pay a deposit, submit a photo ID card and Alipay account number and other personal information. When Tencent technology caused by the loss of personal information has questioned whether, the insider said: a lot of Tencent technology audit simple but need to pay the deposit, basically all liars. The insiders take an oath devoutly to Tencent technology said, the company has done for three or four years, never had a problem. In the submission of relevant information? After the service reception and training for new, every single income of about 4 to 5 yuan, while the detailed process description, each about 20 minutes to complete, but it is not always a single brush task release. When asked? Brush single company, Ali in the system several upgrades, whether there will be a security risk? The company responsible person frankly said, there are a lot of logistics company can fill in the bottom, even if the identification can not be Ali’s system, the responsible person said: you see express volumes brush single business stopped? a Beijing third square brush single company boss said, in his hand is about ten thousand scalping resources, daily water over one million, net income of more than million yuan. According to its introduction, in this industry, he is only a small game player. The Taobao? Even Tmall sellers why pay so much profit to brush single company? The simple truth, they can earn more in other places. Hard about scalping, Taobao owner also said very much?

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