as long as it can let the children live better on the line. However

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Tags: to public hospital fed milk enough Bai Jianfeng recently, a public hospital dean complained: if cancel yaobu, government compensation is not in place, even improve the medical service price, still can not make up for losses, the hospital became the ? It hit the public hospital reform. Some public hospitals where the party is repeated, the root cause lies in the unreasonable compensation mechanism. In theory, the government is held in public hospitals, should try to do the doctor’s responsibility. As a mother, since the child was born, it is necessary i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes to ensure full feeding, make it healthy to live. However, the number of China’s government run public hospitals is too large, up to 1.3. Due to limited financial resources, the government has to maintain the existing investment is not easy, more
Penny Hardaway Shoes impossible to increase investment. At the same time, although the price of medical services is low for a long time, but because people are too sensitive to the price in the short term, greatly enhance the service price is not realistic. Therefore, cancel yaobu encountered great resistance. Since the number of public hospitals is too much, the government investment is seriously insufficient, why not let the social capital to participate in organized? For buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online example, a family is not rich keeps a group of children, due to the lack of milk, one sallow and emaciated, occasionally eat some snacks, but also be scold. A rich family had no childr
Womens Merrell Shoes Fuchsia Yellowen, favorable economic conditions, hope to adopt a few, are not allowed. The eighteen consideration by the Third Plenary Session of the pointed out that social capital can invest scarce resources and meet the diverse needs of service areas, various forms of participation in the restructuring of public hospitals. This shows that the public hospitals should not exclude social capital. And let the children are hungry, let love, have the ability to adopt a few rich people. No matter who, as long as it can let the children live better on the line. However, the restructuring of social capital to participate in the public hospital, need a clear toplevel design. The key is that the government should be based on their own financial resources, reasonably determine the number of running public hospital. That is to say, the government must be clear to feed their children, and to the rest of society. Adhere to the public hospital as the leading factor, does not mean that the government blanket, it does not mean that the government monopoly of medical resources. As long as the market can do, the government should not be a monopoly. In addition to the government to retain i like air max shoes the county public hospital, some representatives of national and regional medical level public buy air max shoes online hospital, part of public hospital and the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the rest can be open to social capital. Adhere to the nonprofit medical institutions as the main body, is the basic principle of medical reform in china. The pointed out, buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online encourage shehuibanyi, priority support organized
Merrell Shoes nonprofit medical institutions. However, the current problem of China shehuibanyi is not divided into forprofit and nonprofit. In accordance with the provisions of the nonprofit hospital enjoy dutyfree policy, but not dividends, i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes profits must be used for the development of hospital. However, many private hospital is a nonprofit, but for the
Carmelo Anthony Shoes purpose of profit, enjoy dutyfree policy, while secretly disguised dividends, which is not in accordance with the regulations. Maybe someone will ask, since hold nonprofit hospitals can not make money, in addition to the philanthropist, who is willing to invest? In this regard, the Taiwan experience is worth learning from text

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