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Blog: 4256235 blog points: 9561 Bowen number: 488 Xiao Yuan a pseudonym, female, 23 years old, bachelor degree or above, more than two years of work. Work colleagues or boss in my side, always feel uncomfortable, not working properly; to talk with strangers, blush flawless; they think it their walk does not look good, walk past the other side, afraid of people say she indecent gesture. Her introverted timid, inner selfesteem depression, work efficiency is low, has affected their life and work. When symptoms are light i like air jordan shoes men weight, try to look through the psychology books or chat with friends to change themselves, the effect is not ideal. Feel it is easy to understand, but it is very hard to do. Then go to the psychiatric hospital, was diagnosed with social phobia, but found mainly prescribe treatment after taking medicine, sleepy, memory decline, still did not solve the problem. Therefore, to honor the psychological consultation room consultation. Click to see the original amp; this afternoon, on the third day at work I saw a second client, the following names her Ms. Yang a pseudonym. Her face lit up in the consulting room, warm and greet the teacher. We saw three strange new faces, somewhat shy. I took the initiative to give her
Jordan Nubuck Men some tea, she expressed her thanks and a warm smile. Wait for the time, she t
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Jordan 4 Nubuck Men to see, to search, but heard it with my own ears to see personal feelings. Wait until the psychological consultation appointment time to start on time, on behalf of the teacher consultation. Ding Liang a pseudonym, 24 years old, four years ago in a provincial mental hospital to have hallucinations and delusions was diagnosed as schizophrenia, hospitalized more than half a year. During this period of treatment, gave i love cheap jordans wholesale him a lot of antipsychotic drugs. Because of his heart to kill the impulse and manic episodes, in the hospital were classified as risk patients, a manic episode signs will tranquilizer. Slowly he not manic mood, not so excited, the doctor i love jordan nubuck men to evaluate her basic rehabilitation, can be discharged. But hospital and physician has repeatedly warned him and his parents, do not withdrawal, drugs will take years to eat, and to regularly check to the hospital, otherwise it is easy to relapse, and once the recurrence will be very troublesome. So Ding Liang and his parents have been told to remember the doctor, take medicine on time and regularly check to the i like lebron james 2016 hospital. but go back after parents did not see what good results, although his children from the looks very quiet, but how to look like a normal person. Because the child can not work, in an overview that your brain
Jordan 3 Nubuck Men not make, reaction not to come over, and many things can never remember, often soliloquize for a person of. At the beginning of parents think this is the child’s condition has not improved completely, perhaps with the subsequent to take medicine, the child’s condition will get better. Imperceptibly over the past three years, the child is not.

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