Chronic subdural hematoma amp; China Police Brain Hospital Department of Neurosurgery Ward 6

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Chronic subdural hematoma amp; China Police Brain Hospital Department of Neurosurgery Ward 6, Yue Qing Dong, 02260577145 amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; speed of life and death just to a young life amp; amp; the ambulance roars and shouts cut
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Mens Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire QS 15061620ous. Later school leadership through to the Chinese police brain hospital dean Zhang Sai to understand the situation, to understand our Chinese police brain hospital specialized in a coma for promoting wake center the professional, after consultation, deputy director of the Yue Qing Dong transferred to our hospital. At the time of admission the patients remained in the a deep coma, without any reaction to buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online the outside world, tube, catheter, tracheotomy. The parents of the patients from poverty in mountain area of Shanxi Province, from manners to realize that the mountain people of the simple and sincere eyes, again and again asked, child can wake up? Could become a vegetable? No child in the home is finished. The structure and function buy air max shoes online of our detailed evaluation of the patient’s brain after admission. migraine is one big headache types.. Divided into typical migraine and common migraine headache patients, significantly affect the work and learning. We summarized the clinical data of patients with migraine patients found that there are some errors in the diagnosis and treatment of migraine, and the abuse of painkillers. Patients usually in pain on daily life and diet paid no heed. And in the exacerbation of pain and drug abuse, a lot of variety to the pain of oral medicine, even injection of Demerol, drug abuse will not only hurt the stomach, but will also increase the headache, headache attack frequency increased. Methods we used neural conditioning treatment of sympathetic ganglion has achieved great success, there are nearly 80% patients with pain disappeared, the severity and frequency of i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes pain decreased significantly. Figure 1: treatment of migraine with stellate ganglion block map. Figure 2: stellate ganglion block in treatment of migraine had the typical effect of Horner’s syndrome. Can play the role of regulating the dilation of blood vessels and nerves. General symptoms or mild migraine and cluster headache can generally be through stellate ganglion block cure. The frequency and severity in patients with migraine.

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