constables Yu Zhuocheng

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Gifts for the odd and colleagues to accept the recognition of the gift for the odd to accept the Zhejiang online reporter interview. Original title: News: return
Kevin Durant Shoes to the glorious scene collapse in Hangzhou Road hailed the police won the honorable title of 2016 on the afternoon of April 21, Hangzhou City, the second College Road intersection the ground collapsed, was the presence of directing traffic in Hangzhou police decisive disposal, in a timely manner to avoid major accident occurred due to the collapse of the road casualties. The successful handling of the danger of Hangzhou, the traffic police, especially first discovered the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online Police Association dangerous gift surprise, was widely reported in the media, users have praised their decisive disposal, superb skills. Today (April 27) at 11 o’clock in the morning, the road junctions in the incident in Hangzhou the second College Road, Zhejiang Province Public Security Bureau deputy director, Hangzhou municipal Party committee, the Public Security Bureau Ye Hanbing turnaround police gift surprise award, awarded him Hangzhou courageous activists,
Kobe Bryant Shoes a security, such as the medal of honor, thousands of good police (police) etc. the honorary title. At the same time by recognition and, the West Lake Group Education squadron deputy commander Ye Jianjiang remember three work, police Shi Ximing was awarded a security, such as Medal of honor. Playback events on April 21 in the afternoon, Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online Traff
Mens Kevin Durant 8 151110050ic Police Brigade of the West Lake Cultural squadron Deputy squadron commander Ye Jianjiang led police Wang Yiping and two police ceremony into odd and Shi Ximing, constables Yu Zhuocheng, in College Road to carry out remediation traffic violations. 16 to 18 minutes and 20 seconds, the Police Association ceremony for odd found a crack appeared in the school the road Nankou road pavement, immediately report to the leaf Jianjiang, and placed cone barrel, directing the passing vehicles to avoid crack driving. 16 19 minutes and 10 seconds, the vice captain Ye Jianjiang buy air max shoes online to view the scene, immediately organized the presence of police of intersection control, ye Jianjiang instruction police Wang Yiping responsible for north of the control car, constables Yu Zhuocheng responsible for Lu Xi Wen and control to the east to the direction of the vehicle, instruction police Shi Ximing and police ceremony is odd for cones placed, also report to the public security organ at a higher level. Hangzhou traffic police department in the first time started a major alarm level response, and emergency scheduling the first echelon 40 police officers arrived at the scene disposal, the second tier police staging, traffic related shunt and induced synchronization measures through in traffic police command center media and pavement electronic screen broadcast implementation. At 16:21, the intersection of the local road collapse. Although it is close to the peak of the evening, the two road traffic is large, the first time to be decisively disposed of, to avoid the heavy casualties caused by the road collapse occurred. In the Public Security Traffic Police Department of the dispatch command and media collaboration broadcast, the surrounding road traffic smooth and orderly. You can see from the video, was in addition to the ceremony as odd, and four other colleagues — i like air max shoes West Lake
Lebron James Shoes police education squadron vice captain Ye Jianjiang, police Wang Yiping, i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes constables Yu Zhuocheng, police Shi i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Ximing are placed in cones, traffic grooming, command traffic. They work together, work together in a short span of four minutes to complete the cone, smooth traffic. Their common "heroic" achievements of the "rescue distress" action. (source: Zhejiang Online reporter / Chia Wei photography / edit Wang Jianying Ni Yanqiang in Shiqi / Wang Jiangjun) editor: Zhang Chun SN182 Keywords: courageous Police Association

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