food stagnation heat constitution

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amp; amp; physiological and pathological features of children the Ruan Jinping Zhang Shaocai Qing Wu Jutong, the article Wenbing Bian in said: children with infantile Yang is not sufficient, juvenile Yin not elder. Children’s constitution can be characterized by juvenile Yin and Yang to sum it up, Yang refers to
Merrell Shoes the invisible function, heat, juvenile Yang is refers to the children are still in the stage of development, vibrant, energetic, all have the function is not complete, Qing, Chen Yuan’s medicine, the Three Character Classic, said: Yang Chih, evil is easy to dry, therefore, resist exogenous evils invasion i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes force is also weak. Yin is to tangible Yin and blood, body fluid, Zang fu organ, Yin is refers to the development is not yet complete, body fluid easily hurt, organs not firm, skin is not solid. Specific to the organ function, is often insufficient, lung and kidney insufficiency spleen sanghuh. Lung Jiao dirty, lung advocate fur, lung often inadequate, it cou Micronesia, Wei
Penny Hardaway Shoes function is not strong, so prone to exogenous diseases. Spleen is often insufficient, weak digestion, easy to form stagnation, dyspeptic easy to heat, heat Sheng, porokeratosis open, six exogenous pathogenic factors to seize the opportunity to sneak in, and inner consistency and fever. Dyspeptic hurt spleen, spleen yang, and easy to cause diarrhea, spleen is acquired the source of Qi and blood biochemistry, temper is not only inj
Womens Merrell Shoes Fuchsia Yellowury, blood biochemistry lack source physical fitness. With more empty, resistance is worse, and even affect the growth and development. Kidney deficiency, kidney is the inborn, deficiency of kidney qi, or nurture disorders, easy to form five late, five soft or solution of cranial development bad disease. Most of today, Yang Chun Yang, in addition, the children also have Chun Yang, said that the idea is reasonable, the Chun Yang and not without Yin, but with particular emphasis on children with blood strong, prone to heat the physiological characteristics, or can be understood as Yang often enough and to spare, and Yin is often insufficient, in feeling after the invasion, often from the heat, even if is the feeling cold evil would be mostly soon hot, especially the buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online children, as living standards improve, parents doting, diet nutrition, buy air max shoes online food stagnation heat constitution, at this point, if the feeling i like air max shoes of evil, heat more speed. Due to the physiological and pathological characteristics of the above, see clinical pediatric diseases most is exogenous febrile diseases, followed by dyspeptic disease. And often accompanied by fever caused by improper diet problems. treatment principles and methods, is consistent with children and adults, just because the physiological and pathological characteristics
Carmelo Anthony Shoes of children’s medication on a slightly different. Such as the treatment of exogenous i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes febrile diseases, because the body of Chun Yang, general exopathic disease than adults heat quickly, quickly spread to virtual to real, easy to cold heat, therefore, the treatment of exogenous diseases should pay attention to grasp the opportunity and dynamics of treatment, do not buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online hesitate, promptly cut off the disease transmission and because of juvenile Yin and Yang, so the medication and not too much onion cutting, always take into account the Qi of the spleen and stomach, to prevent injuries and upright; in short, to the right, so clinical disease to calm observation, bold but cautious, observed at any time, in case has changed. if you love this article you have your views on this blog, see visitors access: 1283157 blog points: 3217 Bo Wen number: 178 opening time: 20090604 Bo Wen

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