for our life and the future of this life

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for our life and the future of this life, the only thing is to be able to obtain happiness, this point we must be fully recognized in the heart. If not the implementation of the meaning of life to life, sometimes we will feel very confused: learn Buddhism. For many years, why do I still not happy? Or the same trouble, habits or a lot of trouble? This is because we do not have the mood of happiness from the heart of the mobilization, so it is still in order to i like air jordan shoes men achieve the heart of their own, to others, the external environment of a standard and the pain. p if from the personal point of view, can say for sure: if I live today, and than the pain of yesterday, the day not only white live and live is wrong; if I am alive today than yesterday to others brings more pain, then I will live more wrong about the. br the wise man, those who know the meaning of life, is in their emotional, physical, life interpersonal, put down the i like lebron james 2016 rigid criteria, developed their own the happiness the treasure of wisdom. This wisdom can be discount lebron james website heard through their teachings and thinking
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Air Jordan 5 Men Size US 14.15 the development discount kids air jordan shoes of Buddhism is our life of the two kinds of the most fundamental wisdom treasure, the first is to eliminate all the pain, the second is to be able to obtain absolute happiness. That is to say, we have to give up their own physical and mental pain, to get real, eternal happiness. at the same time, human beings are not independent existence, everyone lived a social life, human beings are closely related to the external environment, so the light to solve their own problems, not the real solution. If only the pain of one’s own is not, and others are still suffering, then you will continue to pain. As long as in our lives, in our world and a sentient beings showing a miserable state of life, our life is not perfect, we have the responsibility and obligation to help relieve the suffering of his. I am to meet two people, one of them is the assets of several hundred million veterans. He said his 24 year old out of business and career success is, but he felt the life all pain the world is more than pain, absolutely is a pain in the neck! Others see his
Mens Air Jordan Size US 14.15 virtue, family, career, character, everything is good, but he saw the real suffering of life. But he made a good wish, said this life must seriously study Buddhism, must pursue the Bodhi buddha. also has a doctoral student at the Peking University. He said that if this life is alive, just look at the book, there are some insights, and i love jordan nubuck men occasionally do a little good, so live a lifetime, it is not interesting! You see, we can often look at the book, some insights, and occasionally do some good things, this is not very good? He said: it’s no fun.! If the purpose of living is not in order to make people more happy, it can not live. So he thought, must pursue and that the interests of all beings like the Buddha’s life, this life
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