former chairman of the CPPCC Guo Deli

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Li Xuehai, vice chairman of the Qingdao Municipal Committee of the people’s Political Consultative Conference of the people’s Political Consultative Conference of the people’s political. "Shipping warehouse reference ID:hycplb before with you said recently in Shandong Province is the Commission kill backstroke, again by high pressure inspection
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Kobe Bryant Shoes officials checked. Li Xuehai checked, familiar with the friends of Shandong politics may not be surprised after online has also appeared in a report Li Xuehai posts. In addition, his figure buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online in the near future, "hidden", which is consistent with the discipline officers checked before the "rules". Local officials in Qingdao, Li Xuehai, a local official in Qingdao, was born in August 1956 in Laixi, Shandong, and joined the Communist Party of China in July 1982. In the early 1980s, he from the seat of Lacey third middle school as transferring students into the officialdom, and subsequently into the Communist Youth buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online League in Zhaoyuan County Party committee work. From 1984 to 1988, Li Xuehai has been in Laixi County town of Jiang Shan and the town when the mayor, the town party secretary, in 1988 to become the Secretary of education in Laixi county. After entering the 90’s, Li Xuehai served as Deputy Secretary of Laixi Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of the Jimo Municipal Committee, mainly in charge of rural, economic and social stability and other w
Mens Kobe Bryant Tide Shoes 16011203ork. From 1997 to 2008, Li Xuehai worked in the Chengyang District of Qingdao City, served as deputy secretary, mayor, became deputy departmental buy air max shoes online level cadres. When he was Secretary of the Qingdao City, South District Party committee secretary Li Xuehai i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes "shipping warehouse reference ID:hycplb learned i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes that Li Xuehai deep Qingdao officialdom for 30 years and well versed in the career. On the eve of the 2008 March, Li Xuehai career "a road south" as to Shinan District of Qingdao City, South District Party committee secretary (Jimo from to the Chengyang, geographical position all the way south, also more and more close to Qingdao City), this time coincided with the i like air max shoes Beijing Olympic Games will have the Olympic sailing base of Qingdao as the auxiliary city of the Beijing Olympic Games, also make Li Xuehai leadership
Lebron James Shoes becomes more and more important. March 2012, Li Xuehai became Vice Chairman of the Qingdao municipal committee. Last appearance "shipping warehouse reference (ID:hycplb) notice. After eighteen, Qingdao has at least 40 officials (section level and above) sacked, the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) system with Shinan District CPPCC Vice Chairman Sun Zhaojun, Laoshan District, former chairman of the CPPCC Guo Deli, Laixi City, the former chairman of the CPPCC An Ping Su, who sacked and Li Xuehai in the Lok Ma officials is one of the highest rank. Li Xuehai’s name is still on the official website of the Qingdao Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference in, at least one month before the time did not open the public appearances. On the afternoon of May 4, the Qingdao Municipal CPPCC organs held "two to learn a" study and education work of the forum, in the Qingdao daily in the report, Li Xuehai name appears in the list of participants, and in the official website of Qingdao city political consultative conference reports and no Li Xuehai name. However, the shipping warehouse reference ID:hycplb query all materials found that can confirm the, March 15 this year, Li Xuehai to Zoucheng investigation work for the protection of cultural relics. This is confirmed in Li Xuehai last "public appearances". Li Xuehai career resume 1975.08-1984.05, Laixi County third middle school to teach, 1981 as transferring students, has let Zhaoyuan County hook mountain commune League Secretary Island

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