Henan ha pest control Company Limited is a company specializing in; pest control

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With ha? Henan ha pest control Company Limited is a company specializing in; pest control, pest control, disinfection, health and epidemic prevention environmental greening engineering and maintenance services, cleaning services, cleaning and indoor insecticidal drug and device sales and after sale service, Henan ha Pest Control Co. Ltd. since 2001 since the establishment of the company; in the service area of contact: Mr. Ma announced Henan ha pest control company limited jurisdiction: Zhengzhou City, Luoyang City, Kaifeng City, Xinxiang City, Xuchang City, Pingdingshan City, Luohe City, Zhoukou City, Hebi City, Anyang City, Puyang City, Sanmenxia City, Nanyang City, Xinyang City, Shangqiu City, Jiyuan the city of Zhumadian City, ha ha pest control companies more news tell you bug harm Changjiang Daily reported Shiba deratization grassland public line search all columns more staff: ha ha ha ha archives archives; Zhengzhou killing pests? Why mice got into the car engine compartment? a master said, the vehicle stalled to cool completely, need at least 2 hours, during which the engine is warm in the winter, the mouse is the most like to drill, as the mouse love grinding his teeth, so the occasional car engine line, belt and oil will be the mouse cut, the most serious can lead to skin damage caused by line, short circuit. But because rats nibbling resulting in damage to the vehicle, this is not the result of the quality of the products and the normal use, does not belong to the warranty. Master Chen suggested that car is best to whistle, whistle sound to scare away mice. Avoid driving in the mouse ran, causing more damage.? Also, the market for cars in the mouse’s main products are electronic rat repelling and physical drive, electronic rat repelling now flooding the market, but according to the net friend reflect seems to be invalid; the physical drive is mainly rely on odor keep rats, this effect is more obvious, the defect is that the service life of the product, the smell of volatile it should be replaced, such products are generally to the local auto shop you can buy, or Taobao search ‘s spirit; combined rat can also buy. In addition to keep the engine clean, try to choose a relatively clean parking place also can effectively avoid the mouse to settle down in the car. IQ, IQ? Mice with 67 years old children’s sensitive, intelligent, a large area of the rat, the average person would be at a loss what to do, such as: automobile factory, auto sales and Service Center for rodent control, rodent 4006667516 consulting company; 073184763401, Shiba professional rodent, 18 years experience, expert team, firstclass control technology. Shiba honor certificate:? 1, the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, 2 Chinese health pest control association? 3, disinfection and pest control service qualification certificate Class A ha China region: Hunan, Hubei chain?, Jiangxi, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guizhou, Hebei, Fujian, Guangdong, Anhui? Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shandong, Chongqing, Henan,,,, Yunnan, Sichuan comments 0?

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