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Hu Heping Lin Duo Beijing news after Henan, Inner Mongolia, the party and government leaders to adjust the local personnel changes continue. Yesterday, the two provinces of Gansu, Shaanxi province appointed a new acting governor. In Shaanxi Province, the former governor of Lou served as secretary of Shaanxi provincial Party committee yesterday, the twenty sixth session of the second session of the
Blake Griffin Shoes Women Standing Committee of Shaanxi Province decision accept Lou resigned from the position of governor of the people’s Government of Shaanxi Province’s request, Hu Heping appointed as deputy governor of the people’s government of Shaanxi Province, the province on behalf of the length. On the same day, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of Gansu Province, the twenty-second meeting decided to accept the request of Liu Weiping, governor
Blake Griffin Shoes Men of Gansu Province, the appointment of Lin Duo as vice governor of Gansu Province, acting governor. Previously, central decision, Lin Duo Ren, standing committee member and Deputy Secretary of Gansu provincial Party committee, Liu Weiping, no longer serve as Gansu of vice secretary of provincial Party committee, standing committee, member of the post, and another appointment. Lin Duo in Beijing for nearly 30 years 6 years three provinces this year to 60 years of age Lin Duo has worked in Beijing for nearly 30 years. He enlisted in the early years, is a naval soldier, after demobilization worked in the Department of
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men space. After that, he f
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Olive Greenrom the Huairou highway management engineering two teams of a political worker, with 10 years to grow into the Beijing municipal transportation bureau Party committee, commission for Discipline inspection. Since then, he served as the Beijing Municipal Committee, Xicheng District District, Xicheng District secretary. In 2010, briefly served as Deputy Secretary General of Beijing municipal Party committee post, Lin Duo became deputy secretary of municipal Party committee of Harbin. Since then, he has served as the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, Party Secretary of Liaoning, the Harbin Provincial Committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the
https://www.diigo.com/user/haiklosterman8 Gansu provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of the office. Yesterday, he was appointed acting governor of Gansu province. Last year, Lin Duo of the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection had on Chinese discipline inspection report: the political ecology is beautiful ". Him from the political belief, democratic centralism implement, candidates with people oriented aspects of, the senior leaders of serious discipline violations of several prominent features were analyzed. He believes that the surface of these cases is an economic greed, moral degeneration, life corruption, but its essence is a departure from the nature and purpose of the party, the political deterioration. These problems often occur, an important reason is that the political ecology of the problem, must be corrected. Discipline inspection and supervision organs should solve the problem of political ecology, and severely punish violations of political discipline and political discipline problems as the primary task. Hu Heping, former party secretary of Tsinghua University, by learning to be an official at the Ministry of Shaanxi provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of the year after a year, was born in 1962, Hu Heping was appointed acting governor of Shaanxi province. After the eighteen, Hu peace position three degrees change, from the transformation of the party secretary of the university to local government leaders. Hu Heping is a typical scholar official. He had in Tsinghua University, worked for many years, served as Deputy Secretary of the Department of hydraulic engineering, Tsinghua University, deputy director, Party Secretary of the school of civil and hydraulic engineering, Tsinghua University Party Committee Organization Department minister, office of academic affairs director, personnel department director and talent resources development office director, Tsinghua University Vice Chancellor, deputy secretary and vice principal position. 2008, Hu peace party secretary of Tsinghua University (Deputy ministerial level). Last year was transferred to the Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection of the former president Chen Jining of Tsinghua University, who worked with Hu Heping at the Tsinghua University team. After the realignment, Tsinghua.

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