In February 2015 years

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In February 2015 years, male and female users in small classes, the top three ranked consistency. The story of love, comedy, to obtain the most popular category three. Family history, biography, preferred in the female users. Male users are prone to action, war is slightly higher than that of female users. In February 2015 years, male and female users, starring Tang Yan and Hawick Lau in the idol drama daughter of dislocation love thief in two with topped the rankings, more female users attention. Li Yifeng, William Chan, Zhong Hanliang together with high color value star drama flesh, most popular female audience, TGI reached 115. The costume drama The legend of Condor Hero and war drama more male users, TGI is more than 100. Women in love play more favor. In February 2015 years, male and female users, the film ranked four favorable. Put heart flower road top, more female users attention. Fury, Wei and so his nurse action movie in the male users in the more popular, more female users TGI. The best woman spoiled life Xun Zhou Huang Xiaoming turned woman man and adorable boy, to subvert the image of the comedy show the highly acclaimed in the female users, TGI reached 114. In recent months, produced the micro love love film gradually entering blissful circumstances and return to the age of 20 in the female users have good response. In February 2015 years, male and female users, I’m a singer topped the list, more attention in the female users. Male users for two consecutive months for good song Chinese tendency of the highest, reaching 109, for the CCTV Spring Festival evening show 2015 attention is higher than that of female users. For female users variety preference dispersion, for Hunan TV’s new animal live interactive program wonderful friend the highest degree of concern, TGI reached 137, for the you is a way TGI two consecutive months of more than 125. In February 2015, three types of users and the top six categories consistent. The story, love, the most favorite costume in the three types of users. For each category of students interested in the film dispersion, fantasy, historical films for the most enthusiastic, TGI more than 110 enterprises, and no obvious preference of female whitecollar occupation. 2015 in February, three different types of occupation users, four consistent ranking. A thief at the top of the list, in college students has reached 112, the most popular. Occupation for two women love drama Wu the legend of the TGI more than 105, obvious tendency. Enterprise white collar for various television attention is not high. College students show preference for all kinds of scattered, for the two costume drama The legend of Condor Hero and the hero TGI more than 120. College students for attention is the weakest, TGI was only 97.

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