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in June last year, today’s headlines financing, copyright crisis provoked, is a hot topic in the media industry. The media or connection information in the future where to go, has become the focus of the industry, who is the subversion of the next media? Who can reconstruct information read the future? from the media industry entered the age of the Internet, has experienced three stages. The first is to Yahoo! As the representative of the portal era, at this time the contents mainly depend on the edit selection and recommendation, users passively acquired, can be called the information age 1; the second stage is the Google as the representative of the search era, people take the initiative to search, access to the content they are interested in, for 2 times; the third stage is the social era, Facebook Twitter, Linkedin as the representative of the people to obtain information, rely on a friend’s recommendation, or through personal clicking habits personalized content recommendations, for the 3 time. from this point of view, today’s headlines recommend what technology is not subversive innovation, personalized recommendation engine has been in existence for many years, and many WeChat microblog, news client is using a similar approach. The individualized reading looks perfect, but now there is abuse, many of the socalled personalized reading most of partial hot, entertainment, adventure, vulgar, it is difficult to truly personalized, also cannot let users participate in depth. media next move what? A shark that, return to the origin, the essence of media is to allow users to access information more simple, convenient, accurate, so the media reform will follow the two direction technology is king and content is king innovation. in the technical route, today’s headlines content delivery mode, content recommendation by the habit of reading behavior analysis of users, but also face a problem, it is recommended to the user behavior as the basis, easy to cause the user information content tend to a single, resulting in more and more narrow scope of information reading. For example, I like to read the contents of the mobile phone, today’s headlines after the analysis is more and more recommend mobile phone related content, this let me read range is limited to the mobile phone parts. The advantages of this recommendation is accurate, but the disadvantage is accurate, because the user does not want to just limited in a certain field, does not want to let oneself only fragmented reading, want to jump out of a panoramic view of the value of reading; there will also be another problem, such as users occasionally wrong a news article, followup will push some of the news. And so on, the personalized recommendation in mobile terminal information reading there are still a lot of problems. of course, a shark to see there are a lot of mobile information platform in an attempt to solve this problem, a bit of information for the first time, puts forward a new technology: interest engine. In simple terms, is to search engine and engine of the organic integration of the underlying technical architecture, realization of interest and interest groups to subscribe to, read the information becomes more accurate and valuable. This is a bit like Chinese Tai Chi, search is the user take the initiative to obtain information, is recommended; and relatively passive, push, push and pull in the process is repeated, the user

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