introduction: for the low profit of the electricity supplier

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introduction: for the low profit of the electricity supplier, the high cost of logistics is still the biggest challenge. after a lowkey layout of the past two years, Alibaba secret weapon a rookie network finally began to come from behind the stage. yesterday March 24th, the data of logistics rookie network announced the first Alibaba village Amoy: about 13% of the orders can be delivered in the same day or the next day. At the same time, vice president of rookie network Wan Lin also recently for the first time to explain the development strategy of the rookie, heaven and earth in one network concept for the first time exposure. was hailed as the rural electricity supplier enlightenment in 2015, Jingdong rural electricity supplier strategy to accelerate. The home delivery, installation and after sale service for the characteristics of the Jingdong help service shop service has been able to cover nearly 60000 administrative villages. one of the industry to the daily economic news reporter said, from the relatively mature urban logistics, rural logistics started late and difficult, but the market of hundreds of millions of rural electricity providers leveraging new battlefield, including Ali, Jingdong and other leading enterprises compete. Open village Amoy logistics war, will make 2015 the development of rural electricity providers greatly accelerated. according to the expected, Ali Institute in 2016, the national rural online shopping market size is expected to reach 460000000000 yuan. However, the industry consensus is that the biggest constraints, key competitive rural electricity supplier development lies in the rural logistics. 2014 years, since the State Post Bureau launched express to the west, the downward and outward three projects express to the countryside has officially entered the stage of acceleration. In mid March of this year, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of agriculture, supply and marketing cooperatives, the State Post Bureau four departments jointly issued on the cooperation and promote the healthy development of rural logistics, a number of opinions to speed up the service of agricultural modernization, with the unprecedented efforts to encourage the development of rural market. in the policy boost, 2014 October, Alibaba Group announced the launch of the ten thousand villages, thousands of plans, in the 35 years of investment 10000000000 yuan to build 1000 County operations centers and 100000 village service station; Jingdong in 2014 November to establish a

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