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Introduction: Ochichi Sone, it’s only human. Dear one investment circles, educational circles of fear it, crush it, entrepreneurs took it. No matter what kind of role. The play, online education is still down to earth and landed in the end. Day, geography, and the big three dream, the only thing to do is: operation. yellow Jialang use Baidu encyclopedia explanation of the operation: operation is the operation process of plan, organization, implementation and control, which is related to products and services to create the management work is closely related to the. From another perspective, management can also refer to the design, operation, evaluation and improvement of the management system for the main products and services for the production and. The operation is holding a life and death informant, Jackie Chan adults, in the operation and management. An online education platform for a talent, in charge of operations; and one in the outside world is not outstanding talents in comparison, in fact little difference. Education has its own special, and online education platform is a new field, road three thousand, platform million, scanty really well run, it on the verge of death, death is prepared to set foot on the carpet, or Hollywood red carpet! People often ancient: diligence, honest not bully me! Whether it is the Internet Education and internet education, is the same reason, the education on the internet. K12 a pair of education on educational institutions, since the E launch, a series of operational activities start. University President Jin Xin CCTV column of education, Beijing News thirty forum, I horse entrepreneurship education group, has a ten years of experience in education as we have staged a drama: to change the traditional education online education. is the founder of online education online education platform or operators, do not forget to keep learning. Thinking more and more clear, speculative rather than execution, WeChat father Zhang Xiaolong told WeChat team spirit. A lot of people are afraid to do sth over and over again, the fact is afraid of what you don’t toss, toss their own, others will come to you when you want to toss, toss can. Internet equal, open, sharing, not just a slogan, but the future of the Internet and the development of the soul, who can seize it may become the next wave of the Internet’s lucky. Net online education itself is extremely high, wasted the opportunity to waterside pavilion, what a pity. Why do industry is very important? Always seen with strong confidence, selfesteem, they are how to grow up? Ever seen a formula: feeling try experience self esteem selfconfidence will. If you have a lack of confidence, or is not tried, as so often happens in our identity, a job to do, it is very easy to hear no words; second case is sure, when you do not get effective affirmative, so even if the performance is very selfconfident, is false self confidence, inspection staff assessment enterprise operation performance on the one hand, but to bring the shadow.

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