lead: IDG campus entrepreneurship contest start conference and the national first station talk

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lead: IDG campus entrepreneurship contest start conference and the national first station talk, carved ye said: a great thing to have a great starting point, and this great starting point must be full open, full of countless possible. 4 month 20 days, starting from the IDG campus entrepreneurship contest and the business jointly held conference and the national first station lectures will be held in Tsinghua University. Afu oil chairman, carved Ye sirloin founder carved Ye expresses in thematic speech, to achieve wealth and freedom, freedom of time and freedom of mind, entrepreneurship is the best path. While the business first, start to have an open, if your starting point is not open, then your future will never come to a successful. Talk, carved Ye humorous language, the atmosphere was very active. The following text is carving the Ye’s speech excerpts, without my review: I particularly lowkey, rarely out of it, because I have a protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral disc. I just asked what let me tell you what, everybody is cuanduo quit, no problem, the thing I cooked; I will speak a little bit of methodology, because I as 90 years ago, is not familiar to the pure Internet, I is the Internet immigration. And if some of the traditional industries with internet grafting, this thing I very familiar. We line done in general, but we have access to the Internet will quickly put the oil into the first. Then I’m fine boring, the founder of the carved Ye sirloin, and later made a skewer, anyway, do a lot of things. entrepreneurship does not belong to the life of desire. A person to solve the three problem, especially all the life, the next graduation immediately faced to solve three major problems. The first question, is the wealth of freedom. By working to solve the freedom of wealth is very hard, of course, Qinghua graduates is easy to get good jobs, higher pay, but from the freedom of wealth or difficult. The second is the time of freedom. Most of the executives to solve the freedom of wealth, but does not solve the free time. They work or to punch, a field to go trip tomorrow, executives for? Third is the freedom of the soul. Not achieve hero tired of living in the dream of many people find. And do poineering work well here, once on the track, wealth and freedom can be solved, free time can also, third can solve the problem of the small, is where the meaning of my life. Even when I was in junior high school dropout, I felt like I was a useful person, I felt like I was a cow force, but there is a small problem, I always ask, in fatigue life, maybe I’m a waste not. And entrepreneurs can solve the freedom of spirit, what significance in our problem solving. In my opinion, entrepreneurship can solve these problems. we have to solve the problem of methodology. To say, when a thing can be explained when, it will cease to be great. We can study all the paintings from ancient to modern times, why they become famous? From the Renaissance to the research problem, or modern, or abstract style, unified point is, when this picture was hanging out

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