lead: through the rapid rise of millet brand

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lead: through the rapid rise of millet brand, we reflect on the small and mediumsized enterprise brand construction. The key is to seize the essence, find a breakthrough, establish the system of has long been engaged in brand consulting and training, contact with many small business owners, asked two questions most is the small and mediumsized enterprise exactly can build strong brand and how to minimum investment of construction of brand. why these two problems? The author thinks that there are three main errors. 1 brand is a luxury not a necessity, because the brand construction need large investment, this is not the small and mediumsized enterprise resources can support; 2 the brand is a system engineering, it has a higher requirement on the technical level, and small and mediumsized enterprises lack sufficient personnel support; 3 brand need time and the accumulation of history, not shortterm can be very fruitful. Based on the three mistakes, a lot of enterprises draw the conclusion: we are not at the stage of brand building, it can be the future again. However, this will be doomed not to come, because there is no brand has no future. in order to solve the two problems and three errors, the author combined with longterm brand consulting practice, to small and mediumsized enterprises put forward a one two three mode. A refers to a nature, enterprises must understand the essence of the brand, in order to better brand; two refers to the two primary, category and focus, which is building the brand of small and medium enterprises starting point the key; three refers to the three systems: the brand concept, brand communication system system and brand management system, which is the fundamental guarantee of brand building. Below we detailed inquiry this one two three mode. essence: a brand is the brand to carry out brand building, enterprises must understand what is the essence of brand and brand is what? Because they do not understand the brand, what about the brand construction. So enterprises must first understand the definition of brand, this needs to carry on mining from the origin of brands. The word brand comes from the ancient language of Norway, meaning mark and The original meaning of it refers to the marker in animals branded, in order to play the role of identification and the role of proof, to distinguish between the products of different producers and service. Since is the recognition and the proof, the areas of brand actually exist in a mysterious six inches of space, namely the brain. A product, is what we want to sell, a brand is to buy some of what customers want. therefore, about the definition of brand, the author summed up a key words: brand. Brand is the product or service to customers in the hearts of the brand, is to create a label image in the minds of customers. From this perspective, we can see that nature, the owner of the brand is not business, but customers. The brand is the customer to the product or service impression in the minds of the sum, it belongs to the category of cognitive and mental. two major tasks: category and focus on Since is the owner of the brand is the customer, it is the mark of the mind and the cognitive category level. I

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