Li Keqiang prime minister this year NPC and CPPCC report O2O

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Li Keqiang prime minister this year NPC and CPPCC report O2O, also spoke highly of the development of the Internet, that the flow in the air, the Internet will make China economy fly. At the same time, in the 2015 Chinese IT summit, BAT for a future where the air is discussed, Each airs his own views. So, next, what will be the next tuyere? Ma Huateng felt the next outlet is: the Internet out of the circle we the socalled new economy, to the wider world, combined with all industries. As the largest market of O2O industry solutions provider, slightly off to think with all the trade union is to do service! The connection between the original Tencent person and person, now to the people and equipment, and the service connection forward. The minivan, committed to the O2O industry solutions and services, is steadily in the forefront of the future air. will be half life to the partners of has long, slightly off to have committed to provide the best solution for the O2O industry, will provide our partners and customers the best services on the market. At present, slightly off to the four service center: WeChat series of basic services, mobile station to station platform, commercial real estate O2O services and micro off red envelopes, the envelopes micro passenger is now in the market the best response, it changes the connection, is the new O2O ecosystem, solve the problem of the current mobile Internet entrance, the bottleneck of mobile a large number of Internet traffic to get. micro off red is one of the core services minivan to the product of the present stage, it is slightly off to the half life. Red 2015 minivan is strong new product, main connection, advertisers, consumer goods, commodity sales to sweep, sweep out the source of the advertisers, to allow consumers to sweep out the cash. A product, connecting the three party service. Now, micro off to the half life to the partners, to our products, to our advertisers, let them benefit, bring consumers benefit, the complete set of service system in the market and expand on the floor. the next outlet will be slightly off the red envelopes? The future of , the next outlet, everyone can see, there are crowded. micro off to the side squeeze, but not take off in the air, but the air up a ladder, to solve everyone in the air in easy to difficult, and this is the ladder, micro off red. Following , micro off red with two practical examples to illustrate. micro off red launched on the occasion, micro off in Nanjing core agents in Europe and Nanjing Weixin intelligence science and technology limited company will see the point of interest, that this model is very novel, and then seize the step, cooperation and achieve the minivan. At the beginning of cooperation, Nanjing Ou Wei will use its own resources, and 50 retail FMCG businesses, such as his cigarette and liquor vendor in Nanjing school, friends of the chain supermarket, energysaving, snacks, food chain.

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