like something hot compress on the neck

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Dennis Rodman Shoes autumn aspic is China’s old pay attention, is nothing more than to emphasize body insulation. This is the theoretical basis: Japanese research found, now one of the reasons for high incidence of cancer is: modern people generally low body temperature, when the low temperature to 35 degrees, cancer the most active proliferative phase, because now exercise rarely, low temperature are more likely to be frozen out of. first neck, chills, muscle tension, pulling cervical small joint dislocation, cervical vertebra disease is the result of a induced, in addition, a lot of nervous headache patients also and the neck of a cold related, they each attack, like something hot compress on the neck, feeling more relaxed, this is the severe cold of typical characteristics. br the neck is directly related to the points on the three body chill, respectively is door, Feng Fu, respectively located in the back of the head of the occipital i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes bone; after t
Mens Chris Paul 8 Shoes 150924034he hairline median to a cross on the thumb; between the second and the third thoracic vertebrae on both sides. The reason for the wind named them, because the body by the wind, cold, mostly from the buy air max shoes online beginning of the
Chris Paul Shoes three points. The Qingyang, Fengchi: above, only to wind. Door:
Scotty Pippin Shoes wind entry door. Wind i like air max shoes house: the atmosphere is on the house, it is the brain wind. br both under the airconditioning in the summer or winter outdoor, i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes neck of the insulation is actually to the sensitive point insulation, because head for Zhu Yang and head are generally not afraid of cold, so can not wearing a hat, but be sure to wear a scarf. This is avoid the cervical vertebra disease, avoid nervous headache key, and with warm towels, hot water bottle, or use hair dryer hot air blowing these points, to improve the cold induced cervical problems have all the headaches can be helpful. br couples couples couples book of changes in the Kun, corresponds to the soil, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and soil corresponding to the spleen. Kun, to soft, that is to say, the spleen is the human body to Yin, it is the place where the main body of the soft, the weakest place, where? Is the abdomen, a few bones are buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online not places. br child small time buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online big belly, belly seems to have very thin, splanchnic prolapse with, and gradually grow up to ABS, belly to receive back, because of what? The children of the day after tomorrow spleen haven’t grown up yet, because the spleen so cannot restrain stomach, visceral drum out.

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