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Long Fengtai’s dad Family Parenting Network original, please indicate the author, please contact business, otherwise reserved two general big child, grew up together, their freedom of speech, thought is active, like thousands on thousands of other children,
Jordan 13 Nubuck Men have a strong sense of self, know how to protect themselves, although I grew up to teach them to cooperate and share, learn friendly negotiation things, but the children have differences, disputes have been small, and small Tao is fraternal twins, they are not a bit like little telepathy, you say, I can insist they agree? So, everyday disputes, large and small, there is always a point, when two people can not solve the contradictions, or see the time to further deepen, should
Jordan 12 Nubuck Men I shot. Although sometimes I’m very principled, but in most cases, I is a peacemaker, no need clarifying right or wrong, or must be someone maintenance, child thing, sometimes really say not clear right and wrong, there they were noisy bee, who also defy who, how to do vocal criticism? For special hate me when I’m mad for, this method not suitable. So, I started doing so. What call wishy washy is that there is no principle not to criticize the, also do not condemn the, say somethin
Jordan 12 Nubuck Red Blackg irrelevant, who is not offended. Such an approach would not let discount lebron james website the children misunderstanding and let things to solve to worsen it? Proved, parents learn to wishy washy, instead of using the usual parents coercion or above speak the truth, not only can often make dispute settlement, the children get comfort, learn to get along with and let between adults and children to get more comfortable. Why? A
http://www.hkmodernartgallery.com/plus/view.php?aid=8077 child what adults do not have too seriously. Sometimes i love jordan nubuck men the child’s dispute is hard to say who is right and who is wrong, as vying for a thing, first to Xiaorong to it first, or to small Tao of? For me, the status of the two children is equal, who plays first can be. I’m not someone seriously must first
Jordan 11 Nubuck Men play. For example, small Tao cried to me to complain that the small hit him, i like lebron james 2016 but they do not just together laughing joke? I need to must take the first batch of small called a meal? Not necessary, among the children, say, sometimes small Tao does not want to play small, or strong the potential of small small Tao talk too hard and let the small Tao feel wronged, even small gently touched him, also called small Tao Ran to me and said, Dad, let her call me! so, in many cases, I don’t pout, or zhengyilinran. We must ask, is not, then catch the seemingly wrong party severely criticized the meal, I will not. You know? If parents is a little unfair and lead to dissatisfaction with the child, then the parents to deal with conflicts i love cheap jordans wholesale will become increasingly difficult and child dissatisfaction or antagonistic. Before completely not understand in the sequence of events things, or do not discount kids air jordan shoes put their parents face. Two children should understand the proper truth. And, I believe the children, from i like air jordan shoes men small to large, some with their age characteristics of the truth of life I have to talk to understand, even with the life accumulates over a long period of time, I have been teaching about how the two friendly. As mentioned

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