melting glaciers at the foot of the mountain

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Data figure: melting glaciers at the foot of the mountain, a tributary
Kevin Durant Shoes of the Nu River. Tharp glacier, located in the eastern Naqu Prefecture of Tibet County for example. Reference News Network April 12 reported U.S. media said, near the Sino Burmese border in the southwest border of China, steep Nujiang Grand Canyon buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online gradually narrowed, become the stream of frothy, strong currents to form a vortex, a simple suspension bridge across the Strait, locked the rusty door hung a "stop, construction" sign in. According to the U.S. "Christian Science Monitor," website reported on April 10, the disused bridge is implied here has been the only evidence
Nike Air Force Ones Shoes of a long-term environmental warfare, the war may be nearing completion. For more than a decade, environmental activists and a state-owned hydropower company to fight against the construction of a giant dam in Nu River this China final plan on natural rivers. Against the dam i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes said they smelled victory. They cited several reasons: Chinese slowdown is reduce electricity demand. Geologists warned that the candidate near the dam is in danger of earthquakes, which makes relevant departments panic. Also, Chinese top leadership may change the idea, is a new signal of respect for the environment. Ma Jun in the Beijing senior eco Warriors (sound) said: "obviously the government
kids Nike Air Max Zero 151022042 than previous to the environment more seriously. The government pay i like air max shoes more attention to environmental protection." He said that the government has recently increased the control of air pollution and carbon emissions intensity. Reported that this might be just good enough to save the Nu River this China not only the construction of dams the river. The river in Yunnan Province at the United Nations education, scientific and Cultural Organization awarded world heritage area, United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization in the area described as "the most areas of biodiversity in China, may also is the earth’s biological diversity degree of the highest temperate regions". Life here is a rare red panda and other animals and scimitar babbler bird. The government and the possible construction, Huadian Power giant has released according to the environmental impact assessment report. But Yu Xiaogang, director of Yunnan province for the administration of the public in research and promotion center based in Kunming said that if the project, buy air max shoes online that "it will undermine the river ecosystem". The environmental groups are opposed to building dams on the Nu River. The Nu River in the downstream flow of tropical countries, Myanmar via some of China’s most charming scenery, with steep
Kids Nike Air Max Shoes valleys, snow capped mountains and alpine meadow proud. Nu River is called sal Wenjiang in Burma, where into the Andaman sea. Reported that the company has long coveted Nu River hydropower energy potential. But in 2004, under pressure, including public protests, the government put aside the initial plan to build a series of 13 dams i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes on Nu River. However, in 2013, Beijing Huadian plans quietly allowed 5 dams in Tibet include Songta dam. Since then, the highest Chinese planning agency suspended the pre feasibility study for the construction of the dam. Recently, Yunnan provincial Party Secretary Li Jiheng announced that prohibited the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online construction of small hydropower projects on a tributary of the Nu River, also announced the Yunnan provincial government is pushing for the Nu River Grand Canyon declare national park, a move that will enable tourism, and non hydropower projects have become the driving economic force, which makes the environmentalists kindled a new hope. Central People’s broadcasting station last month quoted Li Jiheng’s Valley

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