prosperity and development in Asia and the world at large. Delegates spoke highly of President Xi Jinping’s speech at the opening ceremony of the meeting proposed the construction safety management mode of construction with Asian characteristics

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Original title: fifth foreign ministers’ meeting held in Beijing in April 28, 2016, the fifth foreign ministers’ meeting in Beijing, Asia, cooperation and trust measures. CICA members and observers, foreign minister responsible for the area of more than 40 representatives of relevant international organizations, attended the meeting. The Minister of foreign affairs presided over the meeting and delivered a keynote speech. Wang pointed out that since the establishment of the CICA, conform to the historical trend of world multi polarization and regional integration, common behavior criterion proposed in the area of the country, created a "build confidence building measures" mode, set up a communication and cooperation new platform for cooperation, for countries to promote mutual trust and cooperation in security and development, to explore the path of Asia’s characteristic and the common interests of all countries, made a unique contribution. Mr. Wang said that since 2014 China as the CICA chairmanship, with all members, actively practice the common, comprehensive, cooperative, sustainable Asian security concept, to enrich and expand the new threats and new challenges of political, military, economic, culture and environment in the field to establish confidence building measures, Asia
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Mens Chris Paul 2015 Shoes 15030407he partner of the Asian network has i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes been extended, promote the CICA foreign exchange more rich pragmatic. Mr. Wang said that in the next two years term of the CICA chairmanship, China is willing to with the parties, strengthen solidarity and mutual trust and deepen the convergence of interests; to carry out pragmatic cooperation, promote
Scotty Pippin Shoes the confidence of all parties; promote capacity building, explore the development direction; adhere to an open and inclusive, and expanding foreign exchanges. Wang Yi stressed that Asia’s security depends on the joint maintenance of Member States, the Asian development depends on the joint promotion of Member States, the future depends on the future of Asia co created members. China will continue to adhere to the President Xi Jinping Pro Cheng Hui Rong diplomacy surrounding the concept and the concept of security in Asia, with the parties to strengthen solidarity and mutual trust, deepen cooperation and confidence building measures in the field, and buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online actively explore the establishment in Asia of a new security architecture, and jointly promote the CICA process in Asia security and development play a greater role and participate
Chris Paul Shoes in the new chapter of peace, stability, prosperity and buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online development in Asia and the world at large. Delegates spoke highly of President Xi Jinping’s i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes speech at the opening ceremony of the meeting proposed the construction safety management mode of construction with Asian characteristics, fully affirmed the "Chinese Belt and Road Initiative initiative is important areas and stable development, to promote the appreciation of China Asian development has played a positive role. Asian countries face a large number of traditional and non-traditional security threats and challenges, terrorism has become more prominent, Syria, Ukraine, the Korean Peninsula nuclear and other hot issues to be resolved. In recent years, Asian countries to promote dialogue, enhance mutual trust, in the maintenance of regional peace and stability play an important role. Countries should make full use of the CICA platform, practice the concept of i like air max shoes security in Asia, strengthen dialogue and cooperation, jointly cope with various security challenges, specimen and cure, maintain world peace and security in the region, promote common development. Keywords: Editor: buy air max shoes online Wang Haocheng Asia Asia Conference

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