rich and handsome on the regimen: rich material may not be conducive to life

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? to tall, rich and handsome on the regimen: rich material may not be conducive to life? Xu Wugui was a hermit, can be regarded as the spokesman for Chuangtzu, once he went to see the king of Wei Wu wei. Wei Wu see Xu Wugui a pair of poverty, the sense of superiority arise spontaneously, comfort him ridicule: so, Mr. is not easy, to stay in Qiongshan ditch, eat well, dress well, now unable to see me. In the face of this? Some consolation to Wuhou Wei, Xu Wugui not urgent not angry, but also to comfort the Wei Wu: boss, you is not easy, how to comfort me? You little chest, a day filled with a variety of desire, full of all kinds of plugging the mood swings. The essence of your being already sick, sick men life. You may also have to reflect on their own is not by the desire of emotional about too much, also want to clear these desires and emotions, but the result is often, your eyes, ears and other senses are not pure in heart indifferent to life. You said, you easily? Wei Wu Hou? All of a sudden heart stopper and couldn’t say a word, because he was Xu Wugui hit the nail on the head. Modern people if you read this section from the Chuangtzu Xu Wugui dialogue, estimates will plug. Wei Wu want free from excessive enjoyment, but their senses and can not stand the light crime, as if you put down the phone, three days did not see microblogging, micro channel, you bear? about Xu Wugui see Wei Wu, and a more specific word. Wei Wu also with a sense of superiority tone kindly soothe Xu Wugui: Sir, you stay in Qiongshan ditch, lived on wild herbs and fruits, want to drink like crazy now? The desire of dry wine and meat smell evil? Xu Wugui said:? I Xu Wugui poor, without meat or wine to be accustomed to the life, I sympathize with you, have the disease to the God shaped with the point. Said popular point, can be understood as greatly frightened. Wei Wu? Q: how do I the God shaped with? Here God, in the modern context, as well as the essence of life requirements. This poor man? Xu Wugui began to tall, rich and handsome class: you this a million of assets million passenger carriage the big boss, with Wei a great deal of material wealth, to meet the needs of their physical senses, in order to keep the eyes and ears, muzzle, but it’s just not the most essential needs of human life, her husband God does not is, a person’s heart is not material wealth and luxury, but peace and. Excessive material enjoyment, interfering with your peace. What is ill? This is the disease. Next, Xu Wugui? The health class up to the Warring States period of the political level, he said, all these kingdoms monarch, for material for once extended down, will be developed to kill people, mergers and other land point, killing people, and the land. The purpose of doing so, but also to meet the desires and their sense of achievement, in order to keep my private and my god. Can say, the Warring States period is sick. Thus it can be seen that Chuangtzu? Well, not just personal health and social health. on this point, Meng Zi, Motse and Chuangtzu’s view of unity. Meng Zi.

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