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See visitors visit blog: 78964 bloggers integral: 856 Bowen number: 11 opening time: picked announcement treatment guidelines for inguinal hernia is a common surgical disease, due to the adult inguinal hernia surgery is the only treatment to heal and other treatment modalities are not scientific not i love jordan nubuck men credible, and inguinal hernia surgery, has become common surgical operation. However, complications are rare, recurrence, pain, infection, in small and mediumsized hospitals have occurred, causing pain to patients. In the initial inguinal hernia occurs, only mild discomfort after the mass discount lebron james website increases, even into the scrotum. Once the adult inguinal hernia appears to be impossible to heal themselves, there is no effective drug, conservative treatment can only exacerbate disease, delayed healing, the only cure was surgery. There are a variety of methods and procedures, must understand the advantages and disadvantages of each method, is conducive to scientific and rational choice, achieve the best treatment effect
Glow in the Dark Jordan 3 Men for patients. Southeast University Affiliated Hospital Department of general surgery; i love cheap jordans wholesale Li Junsheng. Without patch of non tension repair surgery traditional surgery: distance forcibly
Glow in the Dark Jordan 5 White Red pull close together, there is a higher tension. Hence the recurrence rate of around 15%; in addition of postoperative pain, the impact on daily life is not in the minority. In recent years has been the tensionfree patch repair is replaced, in adults, this method is discount kids air jordan shoes seldom used. Two. The tensionfree hernia repair: the biggest advantage is the low rate of recurrence, the recurrence rate has been reduced to 1%, in the hands of an experienced physician, or even lower. This method only needs less pain, hospitalization 25 days, or even less, or the same day discharge, called day surgery. But after the surgery can quickly return to normal life. Practice has proved that the effect is very good the tensionfree repair a number of options: 1 plain
Glow in the Dark Jordan 4 Men film tension free repair method Lichtenstein surgery: Lichtenstein surgery is the patch and the inguinal canal wall suture, spermatic cord patch gap leads i like lebron james 2016 to. Surgery is one of the classic inguinal hernia surgery. 2 hernia ring filling tensionfree repair method Gilbert, mesh plug amp; amp; patch: the operation is the mesh plug filling mesh plug and Lichtenstein surgery together and in recent years development the rapid operation. 3 of the Prolene no tension hernia repair method PHS: the integration of patch repair, a hospital for this operation. 4 clearance method of preperitoneal tensionfree hernia repair Kugel: mesh Kugel mesh in the anterior preperitoneal space Myopectineal orifice, is the concept of inguinal repair. Patch position similar to the patch in laparoscopic surgery position and good effect. Four. Laparoscopic hernia repair: in recent years, with the extensive application of i like air jordan shoes men laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopic hernia repair surgery has been carried out in three hospitals. Laparoscopic surgery usually belongs to the category of minimally invasive treatment, as well as some in
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