should pay attention to the psychological problems of pa

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Yumin on tumor according to the World Health Organization statistics, around the world each year more than 1000 million cancer patients, which 30% 50% accompanied with different degrees of pain; in cancer patients without metastasis 15% accompanied by pain; in accepting the anticancer therapy in adults and children, 50% of the patients feel pain; 60% 90% of advanced cancer patients have different degree of pain, 70% of cancer patients with pain as the main symptom. Research data show that: in all cancer pain patients, 50% had moderate or severe pain, about 30% of the patients had severe or unbearable pain. There are about 5000000 people suffering from cancer pain in the world at least every day. In our country, each stage of cancer, 51.1% patients with varying degrees of pain. i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes Cancer pain, is not only a physiological and pathological problem; this kind of patients, most obvious psychological problems exist. With the continuous pain time, strengthen the degree of pain, patients with psychological problems are more prominent. Severe pain is one of the main i like air max shoes causes of depression and suicidal tendencies. Therefore, in the control of cancer pain, should pay attention to the psychological problems of pa
Womens Jordan 14 AAA 160112039tients, especially in patients with severe pain; analgesia and other biological treatment at the same time, also need psychological treatment. This effect can significantly reduce the psychological problems of patients feel pain, significantly enhance the analgesic effect, improve buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online the life quality of patients. Pain of the performance of the individual have great difference, and cancer of the species, the location of onset, the degree of development, effect on the important organs, body condition, psychological quality and economic factors are related. A full range of pain: buy air max shoes online a full range of pain that advanced cancer is the result of many factors, including physical, psychological, social and spiritual factors. If the pain to convey negative information, increase the intensity of pain. By i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes early may just a treatment with codeine effectively back pain, but when that the reason is that cancer metastasis, often need to morphine. Then, the pain lasted a
Air Jordan Shoes Men few months were always very anxious. Because they are usually only negative thought about the future, self expectations is continuing and increasing pain. New symptoms or worsening pain suggests further deterioration of the disease that is closer to the stage of death. In view of this, for them, buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online not only need pain symptomatic treatment in general, more need to give anti anxiety
Air Jordan Shoes Women drugs and psychological intervention. Malignant pain: after weeks or months of pain experience, especially accompanied by insomnia, many cancer patients was subdued by the pain, pain enveloped their entire spiritual vision, such patients often feel difficult to accurately depict the location and nature of the pain. In all cases there is a trend which cannot be halted the pain, insomnia, fatigue, pain
Amare Stoudemire Shoes and the vicious spiral of insomnia such. In this regard, also need comprehensive intervention, especially the psychological correction. With autonomic symptoms and abnormal psychology: the majority of patients, the persistent pain response is autonomic, patients with mental and physical are back, and look for depression. Some patients with anxiety or dominant, anxiety and depression exist at the same time. May have obvious anxiety and discourse

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