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Dongzhuang town of Putian city can be seen everywhere in the construction or have been built "small villa". In April 12th, suffering from synovial sarcoma, 21 year old Wei Zexi died. 18 days after his death, let Baidu and Putian Department of Second Hospital of armed police public opinion has become the "trial" object. During his lifetime, Wei Zexi desperately seeking treatment for synovial sarcoma through various channels. In the new financial statement released last night, Wei Zexi’s parents said that through Baidu, they found the The Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Force, please note that this is a top three hospital. The use of "biological immune therapy" in the doctor strongly recommended, the results did not save his son’s life. Later they learned that this treatment proved ineffective in foreign countries. Wei Zexi was in the know buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online details of being cheated and misled by Baidu’s experience. Subsequently media further broke the news, in fact, attending Wei Zexi Second Hospital of armed police biological treatment center has been outsourced to Department of Putian, the site domain but also of all individuals. Even some media pointed out that a considerable number of military hospitals are part of the Department of i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Putian Department of outsourcing. Department of Putian and Baidu, Putian department and the relationship between the top three hospitals, once again become the focus of attention. In f
Mens Dennis Rodman Shoes Grey Blueact, as early as April 2015, Baidu and Putian Department has been made". In 2015, Putian (China) Health Industry Association issued a notice to all medical institutions in Putian, all members of the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online unit since April 1, 2015, to stop the promotion of paid network. In this regard, Baidu’s response to the external release, said Baidu has rejected more than 1.3 medical institutions in violation of medical institutions, the Department of Putian accounted for more than six. And for the private hospital system in Putian Baotuan
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes joint boycott, baidu also tough, tracing on dishing out will "increase the remediation in i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes Putian for’s winning tricks on behalf of illegal medical promotion". "Wei Zexi incident" occurred, and Baidu official microblogging Baidu promotion in response to said "I hope relevant departments attach great importance to, immediately launched an investigation, if i like air max shoes the findings confirm the second hospital of armed police misconduct, we fully support the West’s family through legal means to safeguard their rights." In addition to Baidu, the "Wei Zexi incident" in the The Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Force is how the same thing? Why is it and Department of Putian private hospitals involved? According to the Internet in the medical circle (ID:hlwylq) article "why Chinese troops and Armed Police Hospital absolutely can’t go" said: most of the army hospital treatment of gynecological diseases, male, skin disease, infertility, hemorrhoids, liver disease, dentistry, ophthalmology, orthopedics hairdressing, sexually transmitted diseases, increased the relevant departments have been contracted out. Including the events involved in the armed buy air max shoes online police hospital. Is the Department of
Nike Air Force Ones Shoes Putian! This accounted for 80% of the private hospital, Chinese holds hundreds of billions of assets of the Putian medical health industry for what is there? In 2015, "China entrepreneurs" magazine reporter had visited Fujian in Putian county and the Putian Department of hospital, we decrypt the real Putian medical help and Putian medical help eldest brother Chandyan. Decryption and Baidu "battle of wits" of Putian medicine for this print journalist Yankai edit Yin Yijie the a little exposure groups, most of them born grassroots is hiding
Kids Nike Air Max Shoes behind the hundreds of billions of wealth. Most of them are not proficient in the West

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