the city health organization will be responsible for the region’s Tiananmen area once again clean

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Original title: i like air max shoes 51 Tiananmen to combat illegal "swim" today is the first day of the
Dennis Rodman Shoes "51" holiday (April 30 to May
Chris Paul Shoes 2, because the car from the tail number limit line measures to limit, highway toll free, and acting, music festival, singing and i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes other large-scale activities, the city ushered in the peak holiday travel. At the same time, in May, the Beijing police correction in Tiananmen square show live showmanship, sporadic small ads, the behavior of disturbing the social order. ] the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online Tiananmen area of special combat illegal showmanship yesterday at 10 o’clock in the morning, Tiananmen Square and the surrounding Yourenruzhi, Tiananmen Square sub Bureau Criminal Police production brigade Deputy brigade Long Zhen universe and video surveillance Public Security Bureau command center of the screen, real-time monitoring of the surrounding region. At 10 o’clock in the morning, about 20 points, the town of heaven and earth, nearly one many times to chase the intersection of intercept visitors to speak, may is bared live showmanship criminals ". Then, the town near Dunshou plainclothes Qiankun notice. Reporters on the scene saw several plainclothes light infantry approached the man control, the scene after the man admitted that the ball’s buy air max shoes online performance." I work every day is a live showmanship, sell the water of
Mens Chris Paul 2015 Shoes 15030404the Great Wall buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online tourism." After being arrested, he said, he would agreed to visitors to the great wall of water to Tiananmen Square, the opening of private cars and private cars will tourists to the tourism center of the bus, by bus together to pull the tourists attractions. The man said, every time is the head of the Commission, every leader, the common people give me sixty or seventy yuan, made a month income of nearly 10000 yuan". Monitoring probe real-time recording, just to see a live acting is a real time record card". The town near Tiananmen, crowded, in order to ensure the safety of tourists, plainclothes police usually choose "gentlysweeping" law enforcement. As of yesterday when 17, Tiananmen District Public Security Bureau police arrested four criminals bared live showmanship, seven sporadic small ads, no 11, of which the detention order 3. Zhen Kun said that during the "51" Tiananmen Square branch of the police and the Beijing spring and summer peace action, disrupting social order criminals special strike repeatedly, at present such alarm has been reduced. 4 other temporary public toilets today, 12, before the city sanitation group will be located in Tiananmen square and the surrounding 4 temporary toilets, a total of 305 toilet seat. Reporters yesterday from the municipal Party committee and other units learned that this year "51" during the Tiananmen area of environmental protection work has been started, the staff of the palace of culture, Zhongshan Park, the i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Great Hall of the people nine fixed the toilet 24 hours open. At present, the Tiananmen area has been completed and thorough mechanical cleaning operations, the end of five one after the holidays, the city health organization will be responsible for the region’s Tiananmen area once again clean, to restore the road surface quality. It is reported that 51 period, the palace open Duanmen hospital two fixed toilets 64 seat toilet, set two temporary toilet 20 temporary toilet position. Fixed public toilets open. Working
Scotty Pippin Shoes people’s Cultural Palace (71 toilets), Zhongshan Park (40 seats), the southern auditorium (40 seats), National Museum underground 2 public toilets (118)

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