the culprit is not too. And the clarification of the regulatory authorities are explained

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Review 0 stock issue registration system reform two years authorization decision has been implemented since March 1st. Yesterday, the CPPCC National Committee members, the chairman of the board Gui Minjie face questioning reporters, responded that the strategic emerging board ready everything goes well, but did not make any response to the registration system reform. The author believes that when the registration system is implemented, the regulatory authorities should give a clear market expectations. amp; amp; on February 25, discount kids air jordan shoes the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets staged Black Thursday, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 6.41%, the two cities also reproduces thousands of strands of the limit of the miserable situation. Stock market crash, the reason although many, but a since March 1, the gem will be a full cessation of audit, followup according to registration system implementation, the motherboard and the small and mediumsized panels temporarily pending elective rearrange rumors is i like lebron james 2016 clearly more attention. In
Lebron James Low Top Shoes fact, it was found that the day of the stock market crash, the culprit is i like air jordan shoes men not too. And the clarification of the regulatory
Lebron James 10 Kid authorities are explained, the
Lebron James 10 MYP Women rumors are irresponsible false rumors. amp; amp; in fact, after market have registration system on the gem started a pilot, and began to implement day approaching
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Dim Gray White Smoke, so the rumors can be described as An irresponsible false rumors actually also can cause such a big trauma to the i love jordan nubuck men market, but also really worth our thinking. in view of discount lebron james website the market crash caused by rumors, as well as the current market environment, there are different voices on the registration system market. If someone suggested that the registration system is only carried out in the new three board pilot, some people believe that the current market does not have the implementation of the stock issue registration system conditions, but also some people believe that the registration system reform should be postponed. Although not a point of view, but are expressed on the current market, a kind of attitude. amp; amp; objectively, and the year of the share reform as, the issue of new shares registration system reform as one of China’s capital market major institutional reform, its influence should not be underestimated. When regulators announced after the share reform, resulting in thousand point theory unfortunately a prophecy. Today, the formal reform of the registration system is still no trace, its market damage has been presented. In the final analysis, the market is mainly due to the great fear of the registration system. After all, the reform is amp; amp; but because of stock dividends and excess liquidity, stock after the Ashare market produced a round of big bull market, the hit 6124 points of historic highs. So far there is no insurmountable. IPO registration system reform are also able to produce similar is still unknown, however, as an important system arrangement, the influence which produced to the Chinese capital market is selfevident. amp; amp; I think, whether it is for the smooth progress of the registration system point of view, or from the perspective of safeguarding the stability of the market of for how to advance the reform of the registration system, regulators are necessary to the market is expected to clear. Although the regulatory authorities have repeatedly said that the registration system reform will not step in place, will deal with the rhythm i love cheap jordans wholesale of the reform, the present

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