the Ma Jihua Chinese double 11 has just passed

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the Ma Jihua Chinese double 11 has just passed, America black five again, electric as there is the opportunity to cut hand. This year the two shopping carnival season has become an important turning point in the history of the development of ecommerce in the world of globalization, a large business market is forming. China ecommerce from the sale of the world to buy the world China is the world’s largest manufacturing country, as the second largest economy, with Chinese manufacturing label export of products in every corner of the earth. Thus, also contributed to the vigorous development of electronic commerce Chinese, more achievements, Alibaba Jingdong, etc. The Myth of wealth. of course, if only to see sales Chinese commodity in the world is onesided, also need to see the purchasing power Chinese powerful, even if the Chinese ambition in domestic demand, but does not prevent abroad wantonly panic buying shocked passersby. in online shopping, Chinese this few years mainly focus on the domestic electric business platform, goods are main from the domestic manufacturing, but with the deepening of electronic commerce and people’s consumption upgrade, the sea are gradually developed, and began to get rid of niche era into the public view. since the rapid development of the sea washes, domestic mainstream dealers have also accelerated the pace of global procurement, Alibaba already with governments signed a cooperation agreement, but also the construction of Tmall international, Taobao global purchase, a Amoy sea Tao as the platform, Jingdong early in Japan and South Korea on the layout characteristics of the goods, COFCO also with the advantages of food online shopping become bigger and stronger. China people will be expected to choose from the global commodities in his habit of global integration business platform. black five will take Chinese into global online shopping market China double 11, America black five, is a nationwide revelry shopping festival. Black five Chinese on November 28th 29 is the representative of Japan American retail market annual maximum promotional discount season, the equivalent of USA double eleven. During the very attractive, merchandise discount, generally as low as three to half off, rarely discounted brandname luxury goods also will give twenty percent off to thirty percent off. we have seen, the 2014 November 11th shopping spree, more than two hundred countries all over the world to join in, double 11 is becoming a worldwide shopping festival. According to the relative with this, this year’s American black five is destined to become Chinese and an overseas shopping spree began. the analysis thinks, black five in the past, Chinese just a niche game player sea Amoy Shopping Festival, with crossborder payment is increasingly perfect, in recent years, more and more people began to participate in the. Especially pay treasure just introduced can be wiped clean sea shopping doorsill direct purchase overseas service, more let the public see black five become another year chop hand Festival Double 11 may. black five and double 11

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