the new teaching building is not completed on time

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Original title: "poor students ban Yongfu, dismissed the headmaster: nanguojinbao reporter Xiao Yan Tang recently, some parents questioned, Yongfu county poverty students’ classroom performance differences Fort Township Center Primary School, class is a substitute teacher. Explanation given by the school. The school’s teachers are in short supply, the new teaching building is not completed on time, students in the classroom and students in the classroom is relatively poor, but also in teaching. Yesterday, Yongfu County Education Bureau reporter learned from, Department of education i love jordan nubuck men to
Blake Griffin Shoes participate in the investigation, the headmaster of the school have been removed, after 3 months of school, the school has carried out the rectification, re adjust the layout and the teacher. Parents: the children are divided into "Yongfu county class Fort Township Central Primary School has 18 classes, 799 discount lebron james website students. 2015, the history of the fall semester began,
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men two primary school students to the Chestnut Township Central Primary School, the sixth grade, the third discount kids air jordan shoes grade. But in the sixth grade class 3 of the new
Lebron James Soldier 6 Men increase at the same time, there are parents questioned by the "classroom" caused by bad. According to 3 grade six student parents, their children are the new city center primary school. When last semester in school enrollment, they found that the original with their children in a class of students, grades are good for other classes, and poor children are almost all in this class. It is understood that, in accordance with the spring 2015 semester final exam, 40 students were divided into 3 grade six. Poor students are combined together, is not it will become poor?" Parents questioned, this will have a negative impact on the child’s thinking. In addition, so that parents are not satisfied with the allocation of teachers: 3 Teacher’s language, in addition to language teachers in the classroom, the other 2 are another teacher. And the toilet near the classroom, i love cheap jordans wholesale the classroom, the classroom is full of smell. Schools: This is the parents raised the question, in the i like lebron james 2016 town center school, the student achievement is relatively poor. Because of this, a unified teaching can not be done well, can slow the progress of other students. Put them in a class, the teacher can adjust the progress of teaching, more targeted teaching. It is understood that, due to the shortage of teachers, the school hired a number of alternative teachers. The official said, although the differences between public school teachers and teachers, but to determine the replacement level of teachers is not appropriate. Of course, for such a poor performance of the students, the school should arrange more teaching experience for teachers to guide. School is not responsible for a week not to meet the parents. Parents questioned the classroom teaching is not good, the relevant responsible person said, this is due to the completion of the new teaching building delays. The school’s new building was originally scheduled for September 2015, but affected by the rainy season, until January 2016. Because the classroom is not enough, so this new class is only temporary in the classroom near the multimedia classroom. It is understood that after the Spring Festival 2016, the i like air jordan shoes men school’s students have moved to a new class

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