the pilot construction projects have been started 34

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Original title: Jinan 34 sponge city construction projects have been in Beijing Jinan sponge started construction, April 6 (Xinhua) (suntingting) the provincial capital Jinan in Shandong to promote, make the city more flexible, arrange the 43 item 137 sub project, to 8 million 52 million yuan of
Lebron James Shoes total investment completed within 2 to 3 years test experience on the sponge task of building the city. At present, the pilot construction projects have been started 34, completed the investment of the rmb. In new network reporter 6 from the Jinan Municipal People’s Government of sponge associated work of urban
Kobe Bryant Shoes construction held a press conference, Jinan City through the implementation of urban drainage, landscape, road traffic system, community construction, capacity building, including monitoring and evaluation system, a total of five system construction, to ensure that the construction of 3 to 2 years, gradually establish and penetration of natural, natural purification function. The implementation o
Mens Kobe Bryant 5 Shoes 151110088f water diversion project of surface water has accelerated the construction of the project of the south to North Water Transfer Project, and realized the spring water buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online re view." Jinan Municipal People’s Government Information Office spokesman, will also promote the Jinan Wohushan, Sichuan Fairview, Xinglong, serofluid Chuen, Meng reservoir "five library i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Unicom" construction projects. Establishment of long term water supply mechanism for urban river. Introduced. Lee, in the test area of existing residential buildings and building sinking green space, permeable pavement, roof greening and water penetration of parking field, rainwater collection and storage facilities of surface runoff collection and transportation, take interception and other pretreatment measures, into new or existing green penetration, storage, accumulation of regional rainwater for buy air max shoes online landscape irrigation. It is understood that Ji’nan city to encourage social capital to participate in the construction of sponge City, innovation in terms of investment and financing mechanisms, Ji’nan City, purchasing i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes power parity model of ecological construction. According to the basin area, Ji’nan City, purchasing power parity projects will be i like air max shoes incorporated into the river basin project, the river basin project, with a total investment of about 53 billion yuan, with a total investment of about 65% pilot projects. In early 2015, Ji’nan after the selection and evaluation of competition, from 15 buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online million cities in 34 cities in the establishment of a central support fund, the first batch of pilot cities. The fund 500 million yuan a year, for three consecutive years to
Merrell Shoes pay 1 billion yuan, is currently in place. (end) editor: Sun Ailin sn146 article key words: sponge City

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