The relationship between design and environment

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The relationship between design and environment. 2014423 every company uniforms and the enterprise culture and the nature of the industry is closely related to in China, the design work has not attracted enough attention, many units simply work clothes as overall view, in order to dirt, mostly black and blue. In some places, according to the actual needs, all wearing white overalls, is unreasonable and is very monotonous, lack of personality. It will not only make it more difficult to distinguish between the different division of duties, also does not show the characteristics of the industry. according to the relevant experts, if the service industry using blue, green uniforms and other soft tone, brings joy to the customer. Similarly, China’s textile mill workers used car overalls were almost all white, the product is almost white, colour. In psychology, is most likely caused by the monotony of the mental fatigue. If the switch to light elegant tone and embedding, skirt type work set color decorative clothing, will make the atmosphere became relaxed and lively. In addition, some countries are still trying to be popular colour for clothing, updated once every few years. In fact, the same material cutting work so many clothes, the same protection and identifies the role, why not keep up the beat of the times, make clothing color constantly updated? So in the production benefit, the wearer to shoot two hawks with one arrow, what is there against it. Work clothes and a special effect, many people wear a dress can produce uniform beauty at the same time. If and the surrounding environment color harmony together, it will form a harmony atmosphere, do not have some fun and effect. However, work clothes to wear an inconvenience. If the clothes wear action inconvenience, some clothing display hierarchy, some out of the ordinary work clothes style, so that some people don’t love to wear. For example, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff at work are in a white coat, wearing a white cap and white mask operation. If the role of clothing is only in order to effectively prevent the transmission of the virus, then the different levels of medical staff should wear the same clothes, there should be no difference in wear. Is there a big difference between the actual jacket style: the doctor doctor nurse nurses work clothes, the clothing, the clothing workers are workers, some surgery, Department of internal medicine and difference. on the other hand is to faithfully fulfill such wear degree is not the same. Special research points out, there is a negative correlation between the faithful implementation of clothing expectation and occupation status, that is to say lower status or junior staff according to the general rules. To wear a hat for example, less than 5% of the doctors to wear a hat when in contact with, about 25% of the occupation nurse hat when in contact with the practice nurses, about 50% to wear it, but only the trainee nurses and students is the only faithfully fulfill this wearable. the scientific and rational

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