The socalled ecommerce dry cargo should be practical or tell a story 2015226 2015

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The socalled ecommerce dry cargo should be practical or tell a story 2015226 2015, ecommerce is not only an industry, a theme, a career. The transformation of demand in the thirty million traditional enterprise market, electronic commerce has become the most important issue.. Especially when the traditional enterprise as death squads, one after another into the electric line and a large number of failure, do not do ecommerce to business catchword outdated, upgraded to does not make the electronic commerce to die, do ecommerce. so, entrepreneurs to the electronic commerce course demand upgrade, by listening to the theory course, brainwashing class excited to listen to dry cargo! The demands on teachers seem to upgrade the electricity supplier, because the socalled dry cargo. Must be told how the enterprise ebusiness transformation, the implementation of ecommerce channel expansion, brand building, marketing, can avoid the maximum failure of transformation. I don’t jump up and down in the table, nor ask entrepreneurs today to eat well, passion, just an ordinary person and electricity supplier practitioners. Coupled with the University’s leadership and training circle of friends advised me to say: what will the teacher should now more lecture, students on the electricity supplier brainwashing class are not interested, they want to hear the real dry.. I then went from below to the stage. based , decided to learn to learn 2013 the beginning of the year, I will be business consulting, marketing and ecommerce training time was average, increased the lecture time. It took 10 months to 15 years, the Internet and planning experience, sorted out a series of electronic commerce and network marketing course. Especially in the electronic commerce 12 kinds of causes of death, it is precious memories, almost to head over to complete. The beginning of the , mostly in Guangzhou, Shenzhen electricity intensive, Hangzhou City lectures, the effect is good. Dare not say that a round of applause, but some enterprises said the teacher is too dry, today really have the harvest. But with the gradual increase of courses offer, I began to go around the country, great contrast. in the China Association of small and medium business forum, said: the electronic commerce 12 kinds of causes of death, due to the time, only about two of them. But the scene boiling, 50 entrepreneurs business cards are rushed to 1 minutes robbed, who came all the way to the city leaders personally come to exchange business cards with me, make my consulting business 10. The scene of the feedback is, the records what the teacher is saying to the enterprise of great significance. , however, also speak of electronic commerce 12 causes of death in Anhui, is not only one exit, also.

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