the Yangtze River each wave pushing at the one ahead

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the Yangtze River each wave pushing at the one ahead, the waves die on the beach, this phrase is used to describe the game now mobile applications, appropriate. But if the pace of moving in the store are bicycle 20 yards, the circle of friends in the WeChat hot application, game change speed is Ferrari 300 yards! In the magic man cameras, 2048 adorable face, hot also remain in people’s minds, and the explosion struck the application, is to make life into a movie as the theme of the foot down. but the fact is that enough to remember, but WeChat a small spray it development tide. But it is the countless small waves, let WeChat has always occupied a dominant position in social communications applications. But unfortunately, WeChat always lack of a red classic, can truly grow up application or game. What is it? brush sense of presence! Foot note began to burst of red WeChat explosion of red on the application or game has a characteristic, that is the beginning of all unknown to the public, and suddenly the speed jump red, by many netizens sought after. It is the best performance of the highly infectious virus effect. For example, as early as in 2013 November on the face adorable officially launched, but did not cause too much concern. But in the last year after six one, a short span of seven days of downloads exceeded twenty million, even up to a day downloads exceeded five million, can be described as overnight explosion of red, and magic man cameras and other rich history as like as two peas. foot down and predecessors is come down in one continuous line, downloads were released at the end of last year, but the line in March this year, a large, sudden surge in user mode. March 13th has 180000 days of downloads, and as of March 14th 3 in the afternoon, the total number of users reached 700000, and the circle of friends is also quickly enough to remember the scraper. and the alliance, 2048 and the magic diffuse camera, foot note itself is easy to share the characteristics of natural. Let the user through the foot can easily shoot movies with sense of pictures, pictures and captions to the film recording life. The key is to have a tall on the forced, allowing users to think that your life is out of the ordinary and very personal characteristics. It is in the public mind under the condition of enough to remember, took over the mantle of predecessors. can’t long red! pain of micro message remain unbroken, however, was not destined to long enough to remember. Even when the number of users far more than enough to remember the face adorable, magic diffuse camera can obliterate in public, let alone enough to remember. At present, WeChat circle of friends burst of red used only one goal, and that is the rapid financing, let the team alive. Face adorable team would melt into money, support team to maintain, update and development and application of A. The team also said enough to remember now, are preparing for the preA round of financing. foot note founder of willow said, in fact, I really don’t know the heat a large model go long, any product will have the fading day. But with a love

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