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this is not a new topic, when the number of years ago from our full character chat Telnet, we tried to create the Internet such a large number of times can share pictures. But by then the network bandwidth is too narrow, so the idea ultimately failed to achieve good. Now the community vision sharing community rise again, let us once again saw the era of Internet interpret the images that amazing charm. this is like the happy net recently released a high quality visual sharing social applications happy collection, the user only need a roller sliding on the mouse, you can browse the massive pictures we collect and share life and fashion, Home Furnishing, Food, tourism, pet theme related. This seemingly simple cascade interface, but can let people crazy addictive. from the view of the form, happy collection is a nice visual sharing and display platform. Here the user can freely upload and browse all kinds of exquisite pictures, and match it with a brief description of the text, in order to mak
Mens Air Jordan 14 AAA MJ14AAA05e the members know many likeminded friends. It is reported that in the product online, Beijing, Shanghai 2030 year old female whitecollar users will occupy more than 65% of the total amount of visit. This group of keen to use the clipbook female users, through this website mapping function achieve shopping experience sharing, sharing a recipe saving, home decoration, even sharing wedding planning ideas. now picture charm, not only because the find suitable interface, become more easily spread, reading, and social attribute combination, make its have the ability to share, which greatly enhance each picture behind the value. When you open the happy collection every time, will find that there are not with the last surprise. Here with likeminded friends kept on sharing, updated pictures, you can enjoy a forever not finish reading wonderful album, a special for you to customize the fashion magazine. The net love pictures of women users, from share happy collection friends home decoration pictures, shopping show elegant perfectly, even make them it is easy to forget the time. as a social vision sharing community originator Pinterest, independent access to the user the number has reached 17800000 person time February, amazing, and quickly became the world’s third largest network resources. It is precisely because of this big social influence, President Obama also chosen to enter Pinterest, in order to attract more female attention, and increase the network influence for the second time to elect their own. and Pinterest is similar, be likened to China’s Facebook happy net, will also advocate personal unique taste and beautiful way of life as a core concept, using a strict access system the same, into the happy collection the member, to be through the invitation way through certification. Happy nets vice president Guo Wei said, happy

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