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this paper for Wang reported manuscripts, original Wang reported. Why should crossstrait reunification? This should start from the three aspects of political history now. from the history of the Chinese nation, splitting the war period is often The people are destitute. period, political unification period is live and work in peace period, far did not say, say in the period of Republic of china. After the death of Yuan Shikai of the Republic of China Army Faction based in split into the warlord era, the warlord era lasted until the early days of the Anti Japanese War, the Republic of China can resist the powers of Yuan Shikai era, from after the death of Yuan Shikai to the Anti Japanese War, the policy of the Republic of China first inside, only to throw into confusion on the foreign aggression China them live on bow and scrape. Lugou Bridge war awakened the Chinese nation’s survival consciousness, the Anti Japanese national united front which a fine day, red all over the floor, a leader to leader, national anti Japanese War victory! The Anti Japanese national united front is the political guarantee for the victory of the Anti Japanese War, there is no unified politically, the victory of the Anti Japanese war out of the question. the Second World War, the international anti fascist front to win the victory, the early 1950s, anti fascist front of European countries to win the birth of the European community, from the EC to the European Union to the euro, after decades of efforts of European economic integration to and for. European economic integration with the euro as a symbol of the exercise, the next target should be the integration of European politics. From all the European countries actively promote the political practice of European political and economic integration, only a unified Europe to promote the common development of the countries of Europe. Of all the countries in the world outside of Europe, although it is not possible to the European Union from economy to politics closely, but also positive and partisan build regional economic union, the purpose is for the development of their respective countries. the Second World War, the international anti fascist front after the victory, to the United States and the Soviet Union as the core of the international communist movement and the western capitalist world two big camps while in politics of constant struggle, however, the two camps of the internal economic cooperation has never stopped, the political struggle and not hinder economic cooperation seek common ground while reserving differences, promote the spirit of the development of regional economic union. , the reform and opening up Chinese began in the nineteen eighties early exercise also gives birth to a new thought of the international communist movement, after ten years of practice summary, nineteen nineties initial China Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech, in the spirit of development is the guiding ideology to the hard truth promoted the peaceful evolution of public ownership, and ultimately laid the material foundation today. And the international communist movement camp because of the absence of Deng Xiaoping thought guidance [then Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev said] eventually fall, the new regime of international communist movement split after the Soviet Union and the separatist camp after the birth of a new nation did not lead to rich, strong and prosperous. Political unification is the political foundation of national development, not the political foundation, development must not state may carry out. the two sides is an issue left over from history the Kuomintang Communist struggle, struggle is the root of the KMT and the ownership dispute, national

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