we recommend using the method of upper and lower brush

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See visitors visit blog: 63066 bloggers integral: 278 points Bowen number: 3 opening time: labels in 20110804 announcement: after wearing hoop Shangya the how to maintain good oral hygiene? In addition to at least three times a day after brushing, brushing the correct and effective way to grasp the essential! Let’s see how to be effective brushing: 1 first to select a suitable toothbrush, if you have bleeding teeth problems who can choose a soft bristled toothbrush, in order to i like air max shoes reduce tooth flesh stimulation; 2 normal human teeth, we recommend using the method of upper and lower brush, this method may be put in after the Shangya hoop is not very useful, because there are two rows of steel braces, blocking the toothbrush of the route, the transverse brushing method i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes will be more effective, but it is not a long distance, the tug of the brushing method, can damage the tooth surface, causing unnecessary wear, horizontal brush that is the
Nike All Stars Shoes horizontal brush method of short distance, small amplitude, is between the toothbrush and dental appliance wire to meat, and a 45 degree angle to the occlusal surface of the tooth surface, gently back and forth, within a small range of transverse Brush, Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical College orthopedic Yu Huanying
Kids Nike Air Max Shoes in order to facilitate viewing
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Grey Black, next in model demonstration first brush outside a circle, each section gradually brush in the brush on the right side of the mouth; and a lot of people because of hand posture and head toothbrush is not correct and ignore the canine and lateral incisor right away commonly known as small incisors and teeth when brushing, so this place will need to head to the right, the right hand thumb pressed toothbrush middle, the
http://www.premed.fudan.edu.cn/premedforum/user/editDone/362817.page remaining four fingers hold the toothbrush handle after the end, so you can make good contact and clean the toothbrush in this segment teeth cleaned the teeth outside a circle, to clean the teeth the tongue on that side, pay attention to the toothbrush tilt buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online oh! The tongue on the side of the upper and lower anterior teeth clean, please the tongue side of the toothbrush placed transverse to the teeth, brush teeth to cut end edges from near the tooth flesh position, do rolling action, make the tooth surface dirt along with the direction of movement from the surface of the teeth: toothbrush tongue side cleaning above the front teeth buy air max shoes online next: don’t forget to clean the occlusal surface of the teeth, buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online the toothbrush is perpendicular to the occlusal surface of teeth, the brush back and forth, from the beginning of the left mandibular posterior right mandibular posterior left maxillary posterior mandibular posterior teeth: Brush: right here, you can change with small brush teeth also called brush clearance, because the toothbrush can clean the appliance wire behind and two teeth in the area, so out of teeth brush, brush teeth should switch to small to clean the teeth of your work, the i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes US is connected On how to use interdental brush and floss etc Click to view original year teeth change after to straightening teeth is traditionally considered, only to 12 years of age to correction. In fact, this idea is onesided, or even
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes harmful. Malocclusion is a kind of deformity, the best in the prevention and treatment in the process of growth and development. For the teeth Audacity, small jaw, facial asymmetry, serious buck teeth and severe tooth crowded not Qi, facial muscle function abnormalities such as sleep Zhang Kouwen

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