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Yang Hongxu Yang Hongxu , vice president of Shanghai Research Institute of real estate p Intro: 2015 national real estate development investment grew by 1%, 10.5% in 2014 is greatly reduced compared, compared to an average annual growth rate of more than 20% over the past ten years, the greater decline. This fully shows that the real estate industry and the national economy to reduce speed, synchronous adjustment structure. Summary of the national property market in 2015, there are three distinct characteristics: first, the cold room temperature. Second, regional differentiation. Third, developers polarization. 1 19, the National Bureau of statistics released 2015 annual economic data and real estate data. From these data, we can analyze the external macro environment and the internal characteristics of the current real estate market in China. from the external economic environment, in 2015 the national economic growth rate of 6.9%, which is the first time since 1990, broken seven, but also since 1978 fourth less than 7% years. shows that the economy is indeed relatively sluggish. but also must understand that this is the inevitable law of economic growth in a country. After the reform and opening up, China’s economy at a high of about 10%, main
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Lebron James 10 Shoes is also in discount lebron james website order to strengthen the supply side of the reform, optimize the economic structure. and the real estate industry, but also an important part of the economic structure adjustment. In 2000 to 2010 the period of rapid economic growth, the real estate industry has played an important role, and in 2003 in the national 18, for the first time been clear: has become an important pillar industry of national economy. For example, as the i like air jordan shoes men most closely linked with the economic indicators, the real estate development and investment growth in most years to maintain more than 20%. and the latest data show that: in 2015 the national real estate development investment amount increased by 1%,
Air Jordan 11 Low AAA Men Size US 14.15.16 compared to 10.5% in 2014 significantly reduced, compared with the past more than 10 years, more than 20% of the average annual growth rate, a larger decline. This fully shows that the real estate industry and the national economy to reduce speed, synchronous adjustment structure. 2015 years of real estate development investment growth fell sharply, mainly related to the two indicators. First, the real estate development enterprises land purchase side fell 31.7% over the previous year, the i like lebron james 2016 land discount kids air jordan shoes transaction price fell 23.9. Two real estate development enterprises housing new construction face down i love jordan nubuck men 14%. This means that the real estate supply side is a serious contraction. in fact, these two indicators of construction, in 2014 and 2015 for two consecutive years of contraction, the real estate market downturn, especially the vast number of

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