Yumin on tumor said symptomatic treatment and is not a permanent cure

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Yumin on tumor said symptomatic treatment and is not a permanent cure, no use, but for the patients with advanced cancer, symptomatic treatment has special significance, improve the quality of life, enhance the confidence of the treatment, most of the time and to i like air jordan shoes men extend the life of the role. Many of the clinical symptoms in patients with advanced cancer is an important factor affecting the quality of life, various manifestations including the body and spirit. Immune therapy, interventional therapy and traditional Chinese medicine for symptomatic treatment has good curative effect. For example, traditional Chinese medicine of nourishing heart and tranquilizing mind, soothing the liver can mediation in patients with mental state, improve sleep, reduce depression; with the analgesic effect of invigorate the circulation of blood, meridians and collaterals, traditional Chinese medicine; Chinese herbal medicine has a nourishing function of polygonatum, fleece flower root, Ligustrum lucidum, etc, promote hair i like lebron james 2016 regeneration; Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Chinese yam, Yiqi Jianpi herbs can increase appetite, relieve the symptoms of digestive tract; ginseng, angelica, Astragalus Yiqi Yangxue Chinese medicine, the protection of bone marrow, improve i love jordan nubuck men the function of blood cells, and so on. Through these treatments can relieve the symptoms and improve the quality of life of cancer. Long term survival of cancer patients with somatic complications, from in tumor treatmen
Mens Air Jordan 4 Winter Style Grey Black Greent, such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy caused permanent damage, i.e., tumor of the longterm complications; on the other hand, from the middle and late stage tumor
Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Men itself has many clinical symptoms; at the same time, but also triggered a many psychological i love cheap jordans wholesale and social problems. Here emphasize that psychological and social issues, because the issues are often neglected by the medical staff and society. For example, in patients with early breast cancer, after surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The tumor can be
http://www.hezuoduoying.com/news/html/?19490.html cured completely, but patients are due to the lack of side
Air Jordan 4 Winter Style Men of the discount lebron james website breast and distress, coupled with the treatment of alopecia, sallow complexion, fatigue, pain, anorexia, upper extremity edema etc., mental patients suffered a double blow to the prevalence of anxiety and treatment of injury caused by, sometimes cause serious psychological disorder, thus affecting the quality of life, will even have the idea of suicide, the treatment effect is destroyed, and correct mental disorder is exactly the weak link in many hospitals. Due to the clinical emphasis on radical treatment, ignoring the symptomatic treatment, make some complete remission and partial remission patients quality of life significantly decreased, make doctor satisfaction, but patients with sad phenomenon, so that some fit, chemotherapy patients, for fear of adverse reactions and give up treatment. Therefore, clinicians in the treatment of cancer patients, not only to pay attention to the regular treatment, to realize the necessity of symptomatic treatment and palliative care, and with the implementation of psychological treatment, so as to obtain the best effect. There are many methods of treatment,
Air Jordan 11 Winter Style Men the curative effect is also increased than before. As for metastatic bone pain, other cancer pain, malignant pleural effusion and ascites cancer, fever, jaundice, cerebral edema, as well as a variety of effective new treatments. And as for radiotherapy and chemotherapy appears nausea and vomiting, myelosuppression, constipation, diarrhea, vital organs heart, liver and kidney Chinese and Western medicine treatment function injury, also has satisfactory effect. So, it can be said that from a symptomatic treatment has gradually discount kids air jordan shoes become the leading actor. Here, we would emphasize the significance and value of traditional Chinese medicine symptomatic treatment. According to our experience, reasonable and skillful use of Chinese medicine oral and external therapy and other methods, the variety of the disease

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